You may have been following my Instagram stories recently where I have been documenting my skin journey with a particular focus on my acne scars. In my last skincare post, I had my first session of Micro Needling (which you can read here). Well today was the next step; this one had a little difference. I won’t go into how Micro Needling works as it’s all in my last blog post with no major change. But! Today I also had Mesotherapy, which I need to tell you all about. I have occasionally read about its benefits in various magazine beauty features and every editor who wrote about it was a big fan.

Like with any new treatment, I ask a lot of questions. First up, what is it? In a nutshell, it is a solution can carry hyaluronic acid right down to the dermis to get these nutrients into the skin. So yes, it’s injected in. It’s purpose is to smooth fine lines, help skin tone and hydrate. The needle is tiny so I honestly didn’t really feel it. I also need to point out that I had numbing solution on my face for 40 minutes in advance of micro needling which is normal. With this treatment, the face and neck are the most popular areas. I had this injected under my eyes where I have developed some lines, crows feet, and along my lip line where I have scarring. The results on my face were immediate and they will continue to smoothen. Then it was time for Micro Needling, which also helps aid the Mesotherapy. My skin, being quite sensitive, tends to bleed a bit during this, but that’s just normal for me. Afterwards, my skin felt a little warm, but based on the last time, that disappeared in about four days. To finish the treatment, a sheet mask was applied and I lay under an LED light for about 20 minutes. All in all, you need to allocate about two hours for this whole process, but it’s worth it.

A few hours after the treatment, my skin is red yes, but it feels so hydrated and my lines under my eyes absolutely look less prominent.

I’ll post an update on my Instagram Stories over the weekend so you can follow the results.

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