I’m heading away on a little trip to Ibiza next week and not only am I so exited to visit somewhere new, I cannot wait for some sunshine and sea! But before I even decide what to pack, I need to get my skin ready. I have been working with Bronz Express this summer to share my top fake tan tips for the heatwave (which you can read here), but we need to take a couple of steps back to talk about skin prep. In my last blog post, I shared my tan application tips, but I want to delve further into the first couple of steps. I’ve been receiving a lot of comments about my tips which is great (thank you!), and most have been how to avoid tan streaking, the “dirty” look around elbows and ankles, as well as how best to hydrate. So, here is my Bronz Express perfect holiday skin guide! 

holiday skin prep

Study your skin

Take a few minutes to look at your skin and see where the dry bits are, where your skin feels in top condition, and the areas where you have things like visible hair follicles. Give dry areas an extra scrub in the shower. I apply the Bronz Express Shower Gel Scrub with a natural sponge to these areas and leave it to sit for a minute prior to getting in the shower. Once I rinse off, not only has dry skin feel softer, the scrub has time to work on the hard bits. The scrub has moisturising properties so your skin will feel silky. I actually think this is a great product on it’s own too. Make sure you shave a day in advance of tan application. I think this stops tan getting into the follicles and being visible. 

holiday skin prep

Emphasis on the moisturiser

When I am in a hotter climate, my skin dries out so quickly. So I moisturise twice a day, every day to keep it smooth and glowing. Even when I am not applying tan, the Beautifying Moisturising Lotion gives enough hydration to prolong a tan too. Tan will sit so much neater on hydrated skin, so this is a step you cannot skip! 

Build a base

About a week before your holidays, you can build up a nice tan base in a natural way. I do this my adding the Bronz Express Magic Radiance drops into the moisturiser and apply that as part of my daily skin care routine. Over a couple of days, you’ll notice a nice colour building. Then about two days before, apply the Tanning Lotion to get a deeper colour. 

Pack the tan!

I travel with carry on most of the time, but I decant my tanning lotion into a 100 ml bottle so I can do tan top ups while I am on holiday. I don’t tan naturally so it’s always fake tan for me! 

(In all the images above I am wearing Bronz Express Intense!)

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