When I began writing about beauty, it wasn’t out of a need to do what every one else was doing. My reasoning was very much the result of a personal relationship with skin and make up that started back in my teens. Then I forgot about it, and then I grew up and needed to have a made up face for certain aspects of my job. If I take you back to about 1999, when I first began to really try and apply make up in a proper manner, I developed a few snags. Firstly, I had terrible skin. Hormonal break outs were not actually not just limited to being hormonal, they seemed to be a permanent fixture. So, of course, make up was a go to for coverage. But since my skin wasn’t in great condition, foundations never sat right. I envied the girls in my class with their pore-less skin, and I questioned why I didn’t get the same. And that’s when my confidence started to play a role. Basically, I didn’t really have any. Little did I know that it would be well into my thirties before I would start to feel like myself. I didn’t give up with the make up (or with the work on my confidence). All through my twenties I tried every foundation going. Once payday came around I would be first at the door of Brown Thomas on a Saturday morning to enter into my heaven – the beauty hall. I’d give all of them a try and buy the ones I felt were worth it. I’m truly honoured that now beauty brands see me worthy to send me products to try out for my blog. I guess karma plays its role after all, right? 
I may not be a professional make up artist, but I have my own ways of applying make up that work for me. And these techniques have helped me curate some skills. My followers like my suggestions (thank you!) and my very DIY approach to make up application (i.e. check out my Instagram Beauty highlights). And now, I get to team up with an amazing brand to give their new foundation shade range a try. Bobbi Brown have long been synonymous with impeccable foundations, and my most recent review leads me to Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation. Here is some important info: it comes in 43 tone correct shades to address all skin undertones and mine is Alabaster. I am always the palest or second palest colour but I’ve never had a perfect match to my undertones. Yes I am incredibly pale, but I have areas of redness from rosacea and some pigmentation that all need addressing. I tend to have to go with something with too pink a tone that I have to work hard to blend and it just looks unnatural to me. Even in summer. So, for this collaboration, I went to get some expert advice on this from the brand’s Irish Pro artist, Thomas Johnston. Thomas selected four possible shades before we made the decision that Alabaster was the best. This is great. Even with some concealer in the same shade, my foundation blends splendidly. Thomas finished off my look with some loose powder, and of course a little brow and mascara. In the daylight back in my office, I felt as though my face looked fresh. I tried the whole thing again at home and got the same result. I did take note of the brushes Thomas used, and his choice is a full coverage foundation brush in light circular motions to create an even finish. And of course, this can be built up for what I call “a made up” look. Very technical. 
Next important factor with this foundation is that it is long wear and matte, but not drying. You will get hours of staying power (again tried and tested) with some small touch ups during the day. Speaking of touch ups, if you prefer not to carry around a bottle of foundation all day, the Skin Foundation Stick is an option. This has a transparent base that has skin tone correct pigments to keep to a very natural, lightweight look. On its own, this is a great day time option when you don’t need anything heavy. It blends beautifully thanks to Shea butter, which also keeps your skin lovely and hydrated. It’s in no way cake-y or heavy. 
If you have skin that is prone to break outs or is oily, fear not. The foundation stick has mineral powders and marine sugar cane that work together to help control excess oiliness. I’m always aware of matte finishes on my skin that they congeal in places, but this doesn’t do it. I can also recommend priming your skin first to help with this. I started using the Vitamin Enriched Face Base about two years ago for this reason. Yes it’s actually a moisturiser but my skin loves it under make up. It just holds on to it for me without budging. I even decant this to take traveling with me. And the one jar lasts for ages. Again, tried and tested. 
If you have struggled with shade matching, pop along to your nearest Bobbi Brown counter to have a go and see what you think. Or you can check out the foundation online right here

Some other key info you may like to know: 
  • Paraben free
  • Sulphate free
  • Phthalate free
  • Sulfite free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Non-acnegenic 
A study of 101 participants over a four week period concluded:
  • 96% said it immediately left their skin looking shine-free
  • 93% felt it immediately minimized the look of pores
  • 92% said their skin looked more even toned throughout the day
  • 91% said their skin looked fresh throughout the day
  • 84% felt it left their skin feeling hydrated
  • 81% said the foundation stood up to all their activities 
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