Paris is one of the best cities ever. I go there and I never want to leave. And! I never go for long enough. Maybe that’s the key to it. You go for a bit to sate your lust for a place, then you leave wanting more. The ideal relationship formula too perhaps? I had the pleasure of being back in Paris with my Huawei family to attend the launch of yet another amazing phone, the P30. Last year I one of the best times, creatively, teaming up with the technology giant to shoot some amazing images in Paris, London and that epic trip to Ibiza. I’m also working with Huawei as a judge of the travel photography category of the annual Creatives photography competition (more on that in a bit). Back to Paris. If you have never been to a tech conference, let me enlighten you as to some things that are considered normal behaviour. When Huawei CEO, Richard Chu, announces a new phone feature, every tech connoisseur in the room leaps to their feet as if they’ve won the lotto. There is also a lot of “whooping”. This crowd get so excited about phones. It’s brilliant. Their tech-filled hearts leave full. Secondly, there is a constant buzz in the background. That’s the sound of every journalist (approx 2000 of them), tapping violently on their laptops as they file copy in real time. Everyone wants to be first to report on new phones. And thirdly, if the phone has an improved camera (which the P30 does) then the room turns into a giant party. If there was drinks being served, we’d get drunk on the dulcet sound of the infallible click of a Leica 40 megapixel camera or the excitement of knowing your Instagram feed is about to get a whole lot sexier. 

Listening carefully to every word spoken by a very jolly CEO, it’s unfathomable to believe that a company can better the tech they already make, but Huawei have done exactly that with every device they have produced. But it’s so much more than texting and phone calls now. The partnership with Leica has distinguished Huawei phones from their rivals (there is even a section in the presentation that does a live demo to compare rival devices). I’ve been a devoted Huawei user and partner for over 18 months and after careful testing and review, I know the quality of my images has improved exponentially. I can even say it’s helped with my Instagram engagement and following. But let me tell you about the new one. I have a P30 Pro now, and to highlight some of it’s features I need to give some evidence. 

There is a huge improvement in the night camera. The ISO levels (which regulate light in a camera) go so high that you can take a pic in the dark and it will still come out. If depth of field is your thing, you can now achieve F1.6. I did this in my photo of the Eiffel Tower and I cannot believe how clear it is. 

If you like detail, then the Telephoto lens will get you off your feet and giggling at the quality. You can expect a 50x digital zoom that will even read words that are hundreds of metres away. 

Dublin city photographed with the Huawei P30 Pro

The Huawei P30 comes to life with detail. I’ve been playing with skylines, city scapes and gardens with mine to test it out in different environments. But I plan on getting snap happy when I visit Porto next week! I will be posting these pics in my capacity as a judge of the photography competition, and details on how to enter will be on my Instagram next week so keep an eye on that. 

Many thanks to Huawei for the amazing experience! 


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