Lorna Weightman pictured wearing tie top and black leggings with white runners in front of a grey garage door

I debated whether I would jump on the loungewear thing, but when I found myself sitting at my desk all day in high waisted jeans with the circulation to my upper body being cut off, I decided was time to get some tracksuit bottoms and all that comfy stuff. Now that I have some on me, I can see the appeal. Or actually I can feel the appeal. Yes, they are extremely comfortable – the worrying bit is that I will never want to wear real clothes again. I also worry I won’t know what a bra is come May, or even how shoes feel except for runners. Look, we are a while away from all that so for now, I will wear my new Nasty Gal trackies and tie dye top and be snug all day. I have been online a lot this week putting together an edit of the pieces I really like from brands I shop from all the time. Nasty Gal, ASOS and H&M all have good delivery times right now, and there are an array of discount codes as well. Some of the pieces below have been reduced so there is bargain to be had. One word of care – wash these soft pieces at 30 degrees to avoid any shrinkage, and I like to add some fabric softener too. Click on the individual images to go straight to the retailer website.

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