I was the loungewear hating writer of Lockdown 1.0. I couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t get dressed in a nice top and jeans at home everyday. Bizarre I know. I was very much in the minority. Then, I started to spend my days working out and running and I defaulted to gym gear. Which, to me, was still a step up from velour tracksuits.

Now, it’s lockdown 3.0 (Let’s skip 2.0, it was no different really) and I am typing this in the most comfortable, softest, smooth like the most ‘retinoil’d’ skin set of velour tracksuit bottoms I could find on my grocery shop in Dunnes (mandatory respite from the world is provided by segueing to the pyjama section – deemed an essential item). I don’t know what has happened to me. This affliction has caused me some fashion related anxiety. The copious numbers of jeans I own have remained unworn for several weeks. I feel sorry for them. I feel like I need to go and apologise to my Topshop Jamies for lack of wear since they arrived on the doorstep pre-Christmas.

Above, ASOS.com (click on image to go through to website)

I’ve gone so far as to identify all the soft wear pieces I have and given them their own shelf. This is high praise for a category I once scoffed at. On my very special shelf is not just the velour. I have a wool co-ord hoodie and drawstring trousers that are the most snug thing I’ve ever owned. I also found some sweatshirts from H&M I bought last year that I had forgotten about. I will admit that I don’t know how to wear shoes anymore.

Above, Mango available at ASOS.com

Slippers are my footwear of choice and besides my sneakers for running, I don’t know how I am going to wear a constricting shoe ever again. This is incredibly worrying for me. I had to go to the physio this week with a longstanding issue with my knees, to be informed that I should probably wear some orthotics in my shoes to help with a weak muscle in my knee. What? Orthotics? But then, I was thrilled to tell the physio that this was all fine because they would fit in my slippers which I wear all the time. This was met with dismay. I was told by the physio I needed to wear a structured slipper in order to help with my leg. From a quick search on ASOS there is no such thing. The pretty types are fluffy, and soft and made by UGG mainly. The incomparable comfort I have been experiencing cannot be jeopardised by uncomfortable slippers. I’m going to have to discuss this with her and find a compromise.

I now want to be a person who emerges out into society after Lockdown who has been draped in cashmere jammies and silk lined socks. Well, ok maybe not. There’s the dramatics again.

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