The way I have been consuming and creating content has completely changed since the beginning of the apocalypse, so to speak . Aside from not working, myself and my fellow creatives have been trying and testing new forms of content and platforms to not only keep people watching our work, but to motivate ourselves. I won’t lie, I’ve found not working or having any kind of deliverable a challenge on my mental health. Hence, why I am working out everyday and I hope to God I am ripped after all of this. I am consuming media in a different way in these times. I am looking to people who have come up with something original, captivating and informing. And by creative, I feel I’ve given that job description a whole new meaning. To me it extends, to those beyond fashion and beauty, the bubble I have been in for the last decade. It’s the chefs, the artists, the film makers, the film critics, the designer, the novelist, the explorer and more. Today’s blog post shares some of the pioneers of new content on Instagram and those I look at everyday. They are very much worth an Instagram impression.


My life long pal introduced a series of Instagram Lives called “Closet Confidential” back at the beginning of all this. The premise being to go inside the wardrobes of some of Ireland’s well known creative faces, as well as having a chat about the industry. I was a guest last week and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my favourite pieces, the sentimental things I cannot part with, as well as our tips on keeping your wardrobe fresh. Other guests have included, Rosie Connelly Quinn, PR Queen Hannah Saunders and my other work bestie, stylist Corina Gaffey.


The retail industry has undoubtedly taken a hit. And another level within that is the small business. Siopaella, the designer consignment store and website is where I leave my pre-loved pieces to be resold. The business model of this outlet has had to change entirely. As a result, the entrepreneurial spirit of its owner, Ella De Guzman has shone through. She is still gathering up designer pieces via courier and post, and sharing a detailed look at her inventory on instagram stories. I love checking out what she has everyday, as well as her stories that show the difference between counterfeit and real bags. She is a must follow from her house in Wexford where she has set up her virtual shop.


This is the most aspirational account I have ever seen. Sometimes I need to just escape into a world of amazing houses and interiors and this is it. Run by the founders of Katty Schiebeck interior design in Barcelona, and photographer Ruebn Ortiz, the account is just dreamy and has provided me with oodles of content to fantasise about. Some of my favourite posts are houses in Dorset, Elsa Hosk’s sitting room, inviting swimming pools in Tuscany and so much more. Not usually an account to post to Instagram Stories, the curated feed of lust worthy design is just marvellous.


Jo has been a friend of mine for a very long time and I’ve seen her start from a fashion journalist, move onto being an editor and now the co-curator of Gaff Interiors and her very own podcast, The Futurist. Her incredibly successful podcast has been a source of all things sustainability, with candid chats with other champions of this ethos as well as business who are adapting to more sustainable ways of operating. She has just launched her own newsletter two containing links to the podcast, giveaways and her essential reading lists. You can subscribe to the newsletter here and drool over her beautiful content on her feed.

As for my content, I am reconfiguring that this week, I am hugely inspired by all these accounts so it’s time to get back to work.

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