I look at this mustard colour and I automatically think of Coleman’s, because honestly, that is the exact reference that applies to the season’s must have colour (see what I did there?).

It’s a shade that I truly believe is more autumnal, but with seasonal dressing being defied by the changing weather, that really doesn’t matter. This colour is great on paler skin tones like mine. I find that lighter shades like lemon are just too light and blend into my skin too much. The ash blonde hair doesn’t work well with it either. If you have a darker skin tone, then not only does mustard work, but the pastel version is perfect too. I think for me to rock pastels I’ll need a spray tan.

I love mustard in heavier textures such as knits and leather. And to make it more practical, you can style it with cream and navy for some contrast. My top tip is if you are trying out a colour for the first time, then style it with a foundation colour like black, white or neutral tones.

I’ve chosen an edit of my favourite mustards piece for you to check out below. You’ll never look at Coleman’s the same again. 

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