Love Lots Love Little: Double Denim

In a new post category I am trying out I want to look into the two sides of a trend – rather than do “Rate or Slate”, “Love or Hate”, I’m calling mine LOVE LOTS LOVE LITTLE. Some trends I don’t necessarily hate or dislike that much; I tend to like them and then like some a bit more. For this post I am going with double denim, NOT because of Beyoncรฉ ok? It’s because I think it’s a stylish look that always appears clean and put together. But what do you think? Well let’s take a look shall we?


Right so I think I sit in this box, see left. My trick has always been to go for indigo denim that transcends the seasons so it always looks appropriate. I like a structured shirt that holds it’s shape so I can wear out or tucked in. I also wear this shirt as a jacket too layered over a crisp white t shirt (here is the link). But, I also think this would work in a light wash and lighter denim for summer. I think back to Emmanuelle Alt in the hayday of her Vogue Paris tenure and seeing her wear this look with such elegance. Recently, Hailey Bieber has been my DD muse with her off duty look; think oversize shirt, boyfriend fit jeans and chunky black boots.



I’m sorry but we default to Justin & Britney right? Well in their defence, it was of its time. But somehow, this is the look that lingers. I also gravitate towards Julia Fox at Schiaparelli in 2022 I think it was, but perhaps I can forgive the conical cropped jacket. For some, it may be just be that wearing the same fabric, albeit one that conjures up the aforementioned MTV awards image, that puts you off. The other thing is that you can’t really do two tones with this. It just looks, well, a bit off and out of kilter. And dated. The only look I’ve seen that I think I’ve liked with the two tone has been on Pamela Anderson. And at that, there was about a 0.5 shade difference. But really, can double denim lose its association with 2001? I really don’t think so but I’ll let you decide.


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