I recently gave my office a makeover which was well overdue. With the current restrictions, there is a limit on what we have access to but one easy way to give any space a lift is with adding some prints and pictures to style a gallery wall. I have a small wall space in my little box room that I converted to my office in 2019 and it has remained bare for a couple of reasons; I couldn’t find pictures I wanted to hang, and I felt a bit uninspired. Having carried out a massive declutter and with moving some furniture around, I decided the walls needed some TLC. Desenio have a huge range of prints and images, that can be purchased with or without a frame, to add some colour, culture or city scape to your blank space.

Image of laptop on a desk with a printer, pictures and picture frames as part of how to style a gallery wall

Since I work in fashion and beauty, I very much wanted these to be my theme; I love to research interiors and so I spent quite some time figuring out the balance of images for the wall. The images come in plenty of size options so you can have some points of difference with your wall hangings, an idea which I loved. But gallery walls terrified me. How do you map it out? How much space do you need? Do the frames need to be the same? Desenio have a whole page dedicated to this and that was my starting point.

You need some tools for a gallery wall

Measuring a wall with a tape measure as part of how to build a gallery wall
Image of a piece of art being hung on a wall as part of building a gallery wall

First thing to do is decided on your layout, I went with a large layout as I opted for images that were 50 x 70cm so quite big. This will help take the confusion out of the layout stage. You will then need a pencil, a measuring tape and a spirit level to figure out the spots, the distance between the pictures and to ensure they are all nice and even.

Image of wall art being hung on a white wall

Decide on your statement piece

Image of wall art and desk with mirror sitting on it

I chose the Prada Marfa image as my centre piece around which I styled the smaller frames so it’s handy to hang this first and then carry out your measurements for your gallery wall based on that.

I love a theme!

image of female showing legs wearing pink high heels and sitting by a pool as part of a gallery wall

I wanted my images to have a theme as I alluded to earlier; a nice colour story, balanced set of art. So I chose a mix of fashion and beauty inspired pieces – to the left of my Prada image I have styled two smaller frames with the beauty theme – a YSL make up picture, and one print of foiled lips (I adore this one). Then to the right, I have a Coco Chanel quote and a poolside image that is so Miami in the 1980s. They are eclectic, but they are cohesive. This is how I approach my photoshoots so I just applied the same thinking!

Image of picrures hanging on a wall

One thing to note in an age of sustainability and consciousness surrounding our use of natural resources, is that Desenio, this is an issue they take to heart. Collaborating with initiatives that can help support the environment. One such initiative is Vi Agroforestry, which has planted 120 million trees and supported over 2.5 million people in improving their livelihoods.

For every tree used in the production of the art prints sold, Desenio will plant two new ones through Vi Agroforestry. In 2019, they contributed to planting 6664 trees with help from customers!

If you want to style a gallery wall in your home, check out the full range of art and frames at

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