You know how much time I spend in London. A lot. And last week was extra special. I was invited to fly to London to meet with Charlotte Tilbury at the Arts Club for the launch of her latest makeup invention, Flawless Filter, as well as lot’s of other products (but I can’t tell you about those until after April 12th). 

(Above, adding a layer of Flawless Filter over existing makeup, can refresh your look midway through the day!)

Back to Flawless Finish. First, I need to give you the back story as to why Charlotte devised this product. There is nothing like a flawless finish to your skin in photos, and thanks to Instagram filters and lots of other apps, you can achieve that. But that’s the thing, it isn’t real. It’s all made up for the purpose of a picture. Charlotte wanted to come up with a product that gives this filtered glow, but directly on your skin. Hence, Flawless Filter. The product was born from the red carpet where Charlotte has made up the faces of Penelope Cruz, Sienna Miller and Kim Kardashian to do a bit of name dropping there. The product works like this: it acts as a complexion booster to blend in with the natural tones of your skin. Then it has a highlighting property to add glow to the parts of your face where light tends to hit. The result is a glow that gives that digital finish we crave. 

I applied it with my fingers all over my face and blended it right in so it didn’t stick to just certain areas of my face (the dry ones!). When I added my foundation, I automatically had this glow-y, dewy look. 

Now I wish I could add in how much more is coming from the Tilbury empire later in the season, but once we hit next month, I’ll update this blog post to tell you all about them! 

Charlotte Tilbury is available at Brown Thomas (Ireland) and online at Net-a-Porter.com. 

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