I’m having a love affair with prints at the moment. On my TV segments I am having great fun experimenting with how to style prints in so many, inventive ways. I’ve moved on from just wearing print in one piece, and now it’s about injecting a lot more fun into how we style them. So how do we do that? We clash them all up! Scary, huh? It doesn’t have to be. 

There are a couple of simple guidelines. Firstly, polka dots (check out this one from ASOS I’ve been wearing)  and spots work so well with florals. There is kind of an equilibrium between them. They don’t compete with each other when you style them. I recommend trying a few dotty tops (small dots!) with some floral midi skirts as a lovely summery look. Next, stripes and dots also work well on the one piece. You will see lot’s of this from Topshop and River Island at the moment in tops and jumpsuits. Monochrome is a safe option for this as well. Tartans and stripes are another personal favourite of mine. Keep to darker tartans (emerald green and black checks are fab) then try a brighter, wider stripe shirt. It might sound a bit loud, but that’s the whole idea of this combination. 

Clashing prints don’t have to be one of those trends that you bypass simply because you think you can’t pull it off. I think like that about a lot of trends, but this one isn’t that intimidating when you find the perfect marriage. 

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