Christmas shopping is challenging. And it’s even more challenging when you decide to go on the busiest shopping day of the year. December 8th has typically been the day when I used to come to Dublin to do my Christmas shopping (we got a day off school years ago) alongside a lot of other residents of the country side. Where I lived, at the time, there were basically no shops. That’s all changed now but I still love to pop to town. Today, after some work, I went into town with my very lovely pal, Louise Cooney, to tackle the Christmas shopping. We started with lots of good intentions but that’s where it ended. Lou bought one present, and we ended up eating brunch and looking in Topshop. So, look, I’m going to have to re start the shopping all over again. I have a list of presents to get so I’m not wandering around trying to figure out who gets what. My sister is great at telling me around August what she wants for Christmas as she is the most organised person I know. I want to be that way, as in work I like to be on top of things. 

But if you haven’t planned a Christmas shopping trip, here are some tips to help. 


Going to the shops with a list of what to get helps keep stress away. A little research goes a long way. You can even figure out which shops have the presents and map out your route. I always make time for a coffee in between.


We tend to get carried away at Christmas, so work out how much you can afford to spend on presents and stick to it. It’s tempting to go over, I know, but setting the budget, as with all things, helps keep your wallet in check. 


You know when you shop and you pick something out, you think on the spot about whether your mum would like it. You stand some more, call your sibling to double check. Sound familiar? If you have a list, this will all help. Go with your gut, if your first reaction is that your mum will love it, then she probably will. Get it, and move on. 


This is my weakness that happened today. I was organised as I could be, but the busy crowd, the queues all got to me and I ended up with presents for myself and not for my family. Try to avoid the shops you go to usually, you just end up with another outfit you don’t need. 


Wear comfortable shoes to pound the pavements. I love to get dressed up, but I always wear a shoe that won’t have me in blisters by noon. 

Happy Shopping! 

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