I probably overshare my fitness content on my Instagram feed and stories, but honestly, getting fit is the best decision I ever made. I have never felt as strong or as confident as I do now having started a training plan. How I exercise changes to keep up my interest and in hindsight, I wish I had started sooner. It’s helped my mind as much as my body and having gone through a year with my mum ill, it’s helped me keep calm and collected. There is also nothing like a ball slam when you are angry! The demands of a busy life mean taking time to exercise can be hard to do. So my solution was to start with 30 minutes work outs rather than committed to an hour each time I went to the gym. This started me on the path towards building up confidence that I could train within my abilities, and then start to challenge myself as I got fitter. I had no idea as well, how much my mind would play a role. There I am on round three of a circuit, almost giving up, but with a switch of attitude in my brain, it’s amazing how much energy you can give yourself. Positive and encouraging thoughts have really boosted my determination. Look, we have to be honest, this is not easy all the time. There are days when I have been working 12 hours and the last thing I want to do is go and work out. But I tailor what I do to suit my energy levels. I always feel better after a session. So here is a summary of the work outs I like to do. 


I was always terrified of this. But I discovered a great programme called BodyBoss that has made it much more attractive. This is a 12 week programme you can buy online and follow. There is a 4 week pre-training course to do to build up your fitness before starting on the main programme. This pre-training was imperative for me and it helped me perfect techniques as well as build up my agility and movement. You then hit the second phase which is tougher but you feel great and see excellent results. The guide breaks down every single exercise you have to do and for how long. I came out the other side far more toned and strong. I loved it so much, I’ve gone back to the beginning to start over. 

Personal Training

I started out with PT sessions to get me in a “get fit” mood and it was money well spent. Recently, I have been on a 10 week training plan with Trinity Sport which revolves around group training sessions for 50 minute classes. I am loving strength and conditioning (I used to hate it) and my trainer Delys Poynton (who is incredible) has improved my form and fitness with her approach. The details of the programme (called TS Squared are here)


Running has become a passion of mine now. I actually use runs to relax would you believe. I tend to run on the treadmill at the gym for a few reasons. I like that I can run at the same pace for a full distance. No stopping at traffic lights or avoiding people. I put on my headphones, some great tunes and get up to pace. I run for about 30-40 minutes each time and I aim for a 6:30 – 7 minute kilometre. I usually get to 5-6 km depending on my energy levels. I try and drink lots of water in advance. Good runners are essential so I often go to somewhere like Lifestyle Sports to have a gait analysis to make sure my runners are supporting my legs. And stretching is also so important. My next goal is to start training for a half marathon next year. 


The best form of chilling if you ask me. I love going to classes at Yoga Hub in Dublin. They have a class called FLOW that is perfect for my ability and it has helped me balance my mind and body at the same time. You don’t have to have any experience to take up yoga; simply go willing to try something new. I know you will love it. My body comes out of a yoga class buzzing with the right kind of energy flow. But most importantly, my mind feels zen. 


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I am a huge fan of Nike and Nike Pro – anything I have bought and worn has lasted ages. The leggings are probably my favourite as they are high waisted and fit well. Plus, they don’t move when you work out. I have three pairs and I swap them around. For tops, Reebok, Puma and New Look make some of my personal favourites that have gone through every form of sweat from my body this year. And come January Penneys will have their new range which I have worn for yoga and medium level training. It washes well and is really affordable. Their wicking fabric tops are super for spinning classes. 

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