I love playing with my hair. Colouring it, cutting it, using it as a means to change the way I look. If we want a change we pop to the hairdressers, right? Then there’s the old tale of a breakup and then cutting your hair to prove a point, which you think is to yourself but no it’s subtly to your ex. Our hair is such a huge determinant of our style I think. When my hair looks good I feel good I have to admit. Over the last decade my hair has been through a lot. I went through the phase of bonded hair extensions for summer and having to give it a good chop afterwards as my hair was never in the best condition to take the weight but I did it anyway. Then there’s the colour. I love being blonde and have been since I was 17. Thankfully hair colours have improved immensely since then and there are so many tools to keep our colour looking bright while not causing damage. That’s the external things. Then there are the internal things. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder (which I’ve talked about here before) about ten years ago and that caused me many physical effects. Panic attacks, which lead to vomiting, which lead to not eating which, albeit, lead to not getting enough nutrients. As well as that, my hair suffered and moulted quickly, and then thinned. Now I have to say this was not obvious to anyone, but it was to me. Now that I have the anxiety issue under control most of the time, I need to focus on getting the rest of me back in line. That’s where the obsession with getting fit came from and I probably should have started that sooner. You’ll also know from my Instagram and blog that I am very good at using good beauty products for my hair and skin, but all of this is from the outside. All the great premium shampoo and masks are super but I had to address this internally. Viviscal has stepped in to help with this and over the last three months I have been sharing the journey. Viviscal food supplements provide nourishment for weakened hair, and after 25 years of research and experiencing, they know how to help hair get to its optimum level of health. You may have heard of the brand before thanks to its results being shared by anyone who has taken them. Most commonly used by people who have suffered some kind of hair loss for a variety of reasons; it’s purpose is to help promote healthy hair growth from within. But how does it do this?

Vivisval hair supplements
The beginning of my Viviscal journey. My hair was fragile at the roots and had a lot of breakage

Let’s get talk tech for a minute. To have healthy hair you need a few things. Firstly, Protein. Viviscal have given me a bit of an education about how this works. Hair is largely made out of protein so as you might guess it needs it to grow and develop. Then there’s complex carbohydrates. Oh dear, the word carb. But! Things l eat a lot of, like brown rice for example, are full of them which help to deliver protein to your scalp. And then there’s fat. What? Yeah, fat. But of the good kind! Essential fatty acids, such as the ones found in fish are an essential part of hair health and contribute to the water balance in cells and create a healthy cell membrane. Now, it’s hard enough to eat correctly at the best of times when our lives are rather demanding in all guises. So, Viviscal is designed to help with that. Call it a negotiation between your diet and your hair! It’s certainly not a substitute but it’s a helping hand. So what’s in it that provides all the goodness? 

Back to the protein for a second. In each tablet, there is a whole pile of marine proteins (called AminoMarC), which are blended with other good things like biotin and zinc (for healthy hair maintenance), Vitamin C, niacin, iron and millet seed. With all of these elements combined, Viviscal aims to improve your overall hair health,  as well as assisting with improved growth.

Three months in and my hair is stronger, with most improvement noted at the roots and under my hair line at my neck

I feel very compelled to say that going on a journey like this intrigued me. Aside from my own issue, my Mum had a lot of hair loss last year due to 6 months of chemotherapy. So how my hair is taking to this, is a very personal experience. I am 8.5 weeks in (let’s be accurate!) and there are numerous changes which you may have heard me chat about it on my Instagram Stories (if not, it’s on my profile as a highlight if you want to check it out). My roots are certainly stronger. I notice this when I brush my hair and not as much is moulting. Winning already. Then there’s the line of hair (now about two cm long) that’s growing underneath at my hair line. I can tell it’s new as there is no dye on it. In terms of shine, this is slowly coming. My hair, due to being bleached, is slow to get shiny unless I put very high heat on it with lots of serum and I don’t want to do that every day so where possible, I am allowing my hair to dry naturally and let the supplement do all the work. I know during the summer my hair will get drier so I am hydrating from the inside so to speak. 

Viviscal needs a good six months to work, so you need to patient and of course this is all going to vary depending on the person too. But so far so good for me, and stay tuned to my Instagram for my progress! 

For more information, you can log onto www.viviscal.ie where there are plenty of guides, case studies and testimonials as well as lots more details about how it works. 

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