packing for christmas

It’s time! My mum and dad are on the way to collect me and it’s time to head home for few days. I cannot wait! The only challenge is packing for a few days when I want to bring everything I own with me. I’ll only be home ten minutes and will regret not bringing that new jumper which I didn’t know if I’d keep but now that it’s back in my wardrobe in Dublin, I want to wear it. So, how do I pack? Well I hit my favourite spot, Primark, to pick up some pieces that I know will see me through. So what did I get to ensure my suitcase is appropriately stocked? (Click on Image to change!)

Packing for Christmas


Last minute invite out for a drink with your school friends? Mum decides we’ll actually eat out tonight? Or you need to simply shine! Well step in the sparkly jumper. I got this one for €12, and it’s just fab. With a rose gold glimmer, under the light it really shines. I have been styling this with a simple black leather skirt, opaque tights and boots for an elegant festive look. You can also go for black jeans with this too. See, sparkling is practical. 

Packing for Christmas


Earlier this year, Primark launched a customisable eye shadow palette. You simply get the palette, and fill it with replaceable pigments, fitting nine altogether. I went for brown and orange shades to suit my blue eyes with some neutral colours for day time as well. Honestly, one palette will do and they are so affordable to replace as you use them too.


I know we haven’t hit Christmas Day yet, but I am planning ahead since I will be away. This all out, full on sequin dress is perfect for New Year’s Eve. I’m having friends over for dinner and staying in, but that won’t stop me from getting glam. There are lots of party dresses to choose from in store at the moment, starting at €15. 


A must-pack item for every Christmas occasion. I cannot leave home without a little black dress. This one is quite special. A double layered dress, with the addition of silver details makes it stand out. I love how the slip is shorter to show off some leg, it’s super flattering. I plan on wearing this with some black ankle boots. You can also take out the slip and wear over a black polo neck and jeans for a street style look too. 

All the above pieces are in Primark right now!