You are probably wondering what on earth is this post about? Let me give you the back story. When I started the blog at the end of 2009, I changed the format so many times to try new things. I reported on news, trends and I still continue to do that, but what when I made my blog more of a business, my approach had to adapt. That’s logical considering the electricity bill needs to be paid and I need to eat. I neglected the diary form of writing I so loved to do. I’ve spent a while figuring out what kind of content works, as well as battling the limitless and confounding world of social media algorithms. Numbers are what people respect which sometimes is hard to deal with if you are a medium size onlin-er like myself. I also wanted to keep up a conversation with the people who have followed me here for almost ten years. So, I have struck a balance.

Aiming for a weekly post, I want to share things I’ve been up to, things I’ve loved, things that have made me think or debate as well as the same level of advice I hope you enjoy reading. My weekly ‘Lorna’s List’ will have ten things which encompass all of that. So I better get going with the first one right? Here it goes….


And yes these will be the types of headings I will use. I was away in Portugal with my family (you may have read about my antics with the parents or seen my Instagram Stories). It was warm but not roasting, yet that does not mean I ignore the SPF. I tried out three while I was away that I think are super. The Vichy Idéal Soleil Solar Protective Water Hydrating SPF30 200ml is light and dries quickly. I didn’t get burned at all with this even when running in the sun. On my face I used my old reliable Image Skincare SPF 32, but I alternated with La Roche-Posay Anthelios Anti-Imperfections SPF 50+ 50ml and I loved it. My skin breaks out when I get sweaty and the formula of this designed to address this exact problem. It dries a bit too quickly so rub it in quickly.


I love midi skirts, they are just awesome. I love them so much I even styled them on Xposé last week. They work with trainers and heels alike, so if you want to save room in your suitcase, then opt for a couple in light fabrics that fold up very small that you can style with t-shirts and prints. Here are a few of my favourites online right now, just click on the image to shop.


Glendalough Distillery

Ok I am not one to go in for promoting alcohol here, but my tipple of choice is a G&T. Last Friday I spent the day with the team in Glendalough Gin to learn how it is made. I had no idea how much work goes into creating it. One of the most interesting bits was taking a foraging walk on the Wicklow Way with botanist, Geraldine Kavanagh, who is responsible for handing picking all the botanicals that go into the Still to make gins like the well known Rose Gin and Wild Botanicals Gin made in Wicklow. I even had a go at putting all the plants into the Still and watch them mix with the alcohol and Juniper berries. My favourite gin of the day was the Rose, with a splash of tonic, and garnished with grapefruit and basil. Gorge.

Glendalough Distillery Rose Gin


While away last week I took to the beach each morning for a jog. I cannot say how much I enjoyed it, even if at 7am I was tired and longed for coffee). I try and run as part of my overall training programme once a week, but while away I think running is the best way to exercise. I did 25 minutes each morning and rewarded myself with an espresso at the end from the nice little kiosk on the beach at Estoril. If you haven’t tried your toes at running, the best advice I got was to set an alarm for five minutes and run until it goes off, then turnaround and run back. That’s just ten minutes at a pace that you are comfortable with. Then over time, add a few mintues to and fro and you will build up your fitness and running distance.


You might have noticed that I have been partnering with Toyota this year to drive the Corolla Hatchback Luna Sport which I absolutely love. It’s a self-charging car, which means it switches between the engine and battery modes. In battery, it gives zero emissions making it not only efficient, but more environmentally friendly. Pics are over on my Instagram page!


Yes I am addicted. I am every year. I’m currently loving Anton and his enthusiasm for every girl that walks in the door. I haven’t decided about the rest of them yet, but for the entertainment factor, Maura is telly gold. And what did happen with Tommy and Molly-Mae, huh? You can leave your thoughts in the comments below.

And speaking of sun, I love H&M’s swim wear right now. Especially the Shaping Swimsuit that’s only €27.99

This one has shapewear built in and comes in loads of colours

7. 37 & COUNTING

It was my 37th birthday this week. How did that happen? I was a child only yesterday. Now I am married with a house, no dog and penchant for nice curtains. God I’m old.


At this time of year I always start trying out tans that I will use over the summer. My most recent love is for Bare by Vogue mousse. I have been using both the dark and ultra dark shades. I use the darker one on my legs as they seem to always come out much lighter. With a good scrub first to get your skin prepped, and by applying the mousse with a velvet tanning mitt, you will be pleased with the results. There are plenty of stockists around the country; I picked up mine in Penneys.


I will just leave this here. It speaks for itself and is so entertaining.



A couple of months back, Vogue launched a new free to read site called Vogue Business, it’s full of articles from the business side of the fashion biz with some interesting features and interviews too. It’s become a daily read for me and I am learning a lot from it too. Have a read.

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