International Women’s Day is significant for so many reasons. A celebration of empowerment, a monument of confidence, inspiration and respect. It’s been a joy to see Instagram stories with quotes of strength and support as well as highlighting that there still remains inequality of the sexes that over time, has been addressed, but not resolved. My inbox flooded with messages of support for women in business, politics, media as well as issues facing women such as domestic abuse. I wanted to collate some of the information I gathered today that I found inspiring as well as disrupting.

Gender Inequality is causing another generation of abuse victims

One of the first emails to land in my inbox today came from Women’s Aid who have called for IWD to be a day where we give attention to the link between gender inequality and violence.

“On International Women’s Day it is important to mark the progress that women have made but it is also crucial to highlight the work still to do.  Violence against women is caused by gender inequality. It also leads to further inequality as it prevents women from participating in society and achieving their full potential.  Violence against women is as pervasive in Irish society as it was almost 30 years when Women’s Aid first carried out the first prevalence study on domestic violence.  Last year, a new study found that 1 in 5 young women, between the age of 18 and 25, had experienced intimate relationship abuse.  Over 51% of victims said that the abuse started before they were 18 years of age.”

Sarah Benson, CEO, Women’s Aid

ANINE BING X Dress for Success

The Dress for Success ‘Your Hour, Her Power’ campaign runs throughout the month of March, promoting women’s empowerment, diversity, equity, and inclusion by encouraging individuals to donate one hour of their pay to help support the financial independence of underserved women in the community. Designer Anine Bing, who is a long standing supporter of the charity, will donate one hour of pay for all of her brand’s staff globally to the Dress for Success organization, as well as launch a social media campaign in honour of ‘Your Hour, Her Power’.

50 years of celebrating Women’s Worth

Jane Fonda wearing sunglasses and a light brown coat in a L'Oreal Paris advert

We know it right, “because we’re worth it”? Well today marks the 50th anniversary of L’Oreal Paris’ iconic slogan.

 “Because We’re Worth It;” It seems unbelievable that our famous tagline is 50 years old. For half a century, we have been relentless in our dedication to empowering women, accompanying them on their journey, by their side. Backed by pioneering science, our beauty products and services give confidence and power to women, helping them take the place they deserve in society. Each in her unique way, our international Spokespeople personify this empowered and inclusive vision of beauty. Our cause, Stand Up Against Street Harassment, also reflects this dedication to helping every woman walk freely towards her destiny. Our mission will only be accomplished when we no longer need to remind women of their worth.”

Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, Global Brand President, L’Oréal Paris

Coined in 1971 by Ilon Specht, a young 23-year-old female copywriter at Manhattan ad agency McCann, the L’Oréal Paris signature was considered revolutionary at the time. “Because We’re Worth It” has since become symbolic for the brand, with a vision of empowering women of all ages and backgrounds to believe in their beauty and sense of worth. 

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