Get the Emirates Cabin Crew Look!

Emirates Cabin Crew

I fly a lot and I am always enthralled by how cabin crew’s make up is always so perfect! So today, I learned how to get the Emirates Cabin Crew Look. Under the guidance of a strict rule book on how cabin crew can create their long lasting and natural look, cabin crew attend a training college where they are taught the grooming standards of the airline. So in case you want to create this radiant look, I have all the top tips!

Emirates Cabin Crew

Base Camp!

Concealer needs to be applied to cover any visible veins or blemishes first. The airline requires their female crew to look radiant  which is most important, so they focus on the skin first. Concealer is also applied on corner of mouth with a small brush. In terms of foundation, crew are also allowed to wear bb or cc cream as long as complexion is evened out. At the consultation stage, new recruits try foundation on the jawline to see of it blends to look natural, as if the shade is too dark it can make the girls look tired under the aircraft light. The focus is radiance so you need to start outside and blend in. All crew can bring their own make up to training  and  the on site consultants will give advice as to shade and complexion. One tip I quite liked is that foundation is also applied on lips to make lipsticks last longer, followed by loose powder to set ( to matify use compact throughout the day). The Emirates consultants recommend that cabin crew use one shade lighter than skin colour or foundation, as powder oxidises; and if it’s too dark it looks patchy. Cabin crew need to avoid bronzer due to the aircraft lighting which can give a darkening effect.

Cheeks and Brows!

Peach or pink tones in blush are the most flattering on the aircraft. Brows should be natural and their is a way to apply it for the perfect brow. Brush brows into place before filling and use products that are powder based. You can warm the product on the back of your hand to soften it and allow it to blend. The key is to fill in missing hairs first. Start where majority of hair is and go back and forward.


For eye liner Emirates encourage the girls to use waterproof pencil liner but you have to be fast to smudge the product as it tends to dry really quickly. In terms of colour Brown shadows are allowed but no glitter! To achieve the eye look, add Brown shadow to the corner and blend. Add some Black or brown mascara but no false lashes!

The famous red lip

Emirates cabin crew are so well known for their perfect red lipstick and today I learned that there is a red to suit you! The shade of red needs to go with the overall look. First, outline the lip on the line and not beyond and by then filling in with pencil you can create volume.