The Western Trend is everywhere this season! Yep we’re all going wild with it. If you read my post from last week on the western jacket then you’ll know that I love this trend and I am eager to find more ways to wear it. It doesn’t have to just be about the jacket, you can add in the trend to different aspects of your outfit. 

My edit of the Western trend

I’m avoiding the  head to toe look – I prefer to choose a statement piece and filter it into my everyday style. Trends are great, but they need to be added to your wardrobe in small measures so they don’t take over. You’ll get sick of them otherwise! Jackets (like this one from Missguided) are self-explanatory; they add just enough of the look to keep balance. If you prefer skirts then prepare to embrace the mini skirt this season. A denim skirt will be your best friend all summer long. We can’t talk about the western trend without paying tribute to the casual shirt. Stores like Topshop are champions of this at the moment, with fringing and plaid being the key features. But if you just want to stick to accessories then get yourself some belts and boots. I recently got these boots from Pretty Little Thing and they are so comfortable I’m wearing them a lot with jeans and tees. 

Take a look at some of my favourite pieces below! 












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