There are sometimes when I want the entire contents of my make up kit to come out with me. I want my make up bag to be a source of everything I need to make myself pretty. But you can’t feasibly take the lot so what’s the solution. Well before I share what’s in my make up, here are a couple of streamlining tips. Seek out multi use products; products like lips & cheeks, lightweight concealers that can work as a foundation, bronzer/highlighter kits and the like. This will save you some space. Get yourself a make up bag that fits the biggest brush that you need to bring with you each day. But, try and stick to a smallish bag if you can. Make a list of your five make up necessities. Mine include a good powder, concealer, a lip pencil, a gloss and a lip stick. I can basically do my face in the morning and refresh all day with these five things. Lastly, decide on a day time lipstick that never lets you down. Mine is Penelope Pink by Charlotte Tilbury and I wear it religiously every day. It’s a good night time one too with a strong lip liner. So now, what is in my make up bag today? I am sitting on a Virgin Train from London to Manchester and I have my bag on my lap and as I see them, here is what is with me today.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette – The greatest invention to make up ever. It has bronzer, highlight, cheeks and eyes all in one and it super mirror so you don’t need a separate one. Also, this lasts for ages! Mine is two years old and still going. 

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection #7 Brush – the make up gods answered prayers when this came on the market. It works for foundation and powder on the thicker end, then the smaller brush easily does an eye too. One brush with a lot of power. 

Benefit Air Brush Concealer – this is a like a mousse concealer with a lovely light consistency and it gives great coverage. I am never without it. 

Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink – for reasons mentioned above! 

MAC Mineralise Compact powder – light enough not to clog your pores but great coverage. 

Moxie Eye Catchers – I have one in my bag for mascara emergencies or if I need to reapply my eye make up

Trish McEvoy The Power of Makeup Planner – Trish gave me one of her famous make up planners last year and it’s the best thing for keep your make up organised on the go. 

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