You get the wedding invitation. You knew it was coming. Still you berate yourself for not planning sooner, as you know you should. This happens every time there is a wedding. Panic sets in. You pull out the laptop. Open up various websites that stock “wedding guest” looks and peruse the section until you become cross eyed. Panic worsens. There is nothing you like. Well there is but they are the same colour as the bridesmaids. Can’t do that. So, what happens next? You give up and decide to go shopping nearer the time.

Fast forward to the day before the wedding. You didn’t make that time to shop for the outfit. Panic has turned to palpitations. Your friend bought that dress you wanted in Zara. Damn. Sweat breaks out across your anxiety-ridden brow. Then, suddenly, as if from nowhere, the angel of all things weddings, appears before you in a heavenly vision and rain of imaginary confetti. She tells you “choosing something you’ll wear again is always the best way”. “Yes, oh angel of all things weddings, you are so right”, you utter. The epiphany has happened and that much need magical inspiration starts to infiltrate your head and fill your veins. You just need a dress you’ll wear again. That’s it! Hurrah. You walk back to the shop you always shop in and pick up that maxi dress you’ve been eyeing and wear with some dressy sandals to give it some glam. That knowledge the angel spoke of has made everything all better. You. Are. Ready. 



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