Ways To Wear The H&M PVC skirt

H&M PCV Skirt

I recently purchased the much coveted H&M PVC skirt kind of on a whim but with intent if you know what I mean? I love the texture I’ve just always been afraid that I am a bit too old to wear it. But having dived into my wardrobe I think I have found a way that’s practical. Taking advantage of the lovely bright Autumnal days, I went out and about for meetings in this outfit and it’s now firmly one of my favourites. H&M PCV Skirt H&M PCV Skirt H&M PCV Skirt img_1945

I love to mix textures and by combining the softness of the wool with the shiny texture of the skirt, I think it works. Perhaps a look I might try and re create on Xposé? I am also obsessed with grey at the moment. I saw Gigi Hadid do a whole grey look recently and I loved it, but I think with my skin tone I need some balance with a darker colour so step in my old friend black. The boots from Littlewoods Ireland were a great find and thanks to the block heel I can wear them all day.

H&M PCV Skirt


You may also notice one pretty awesome pair of shades. These are Jimmy Choo and I’ve had them since the summer from a collaboration I did with the Sunglasses Shop on my Instagram. They are certainly a statement, but I love them. I also need to say that having come back from Africa and feeling the cold a lot more, I am on the lookout for a new winter coat which I haven’t found yet. Any suggestions are welcome in the comments section!

I’ve also dyed my hair a bit and gone with an ash blonde this time. Jen in Preen Hair & Beauty did the job a couple of weeks ago and I am really getting used to the cooler tone in my hair. I might just keep it!

If you fancy the H&M PVC skirt for yourself, I picked it up in the last two weeks for €24.99, total bargain too, huh?

Bon Weekend! Oh and you can shop my look below with some similar items!