The journey towards healthy hair with Viviscal started back in March . As you may have read on my Instagram stories and feed over 2019, my hair suffered as a result of years of anxiety disorder (here is my earlier blog post on this too). Anxiety can be the most debilitating thing. It manifests itself in your soul. It’s under your skin and well settled in your head. It’s hard to explain how it feels sometimes. An attack can last moments or days and that’s the frustrating bit about it. You have no idea how long it will go on. So what I’ve learned to do is manage it, accept it as part of my fabric (reluctantly) and know that I’ve made plenty of lifestyle changes to help with the whole process.

Lorna Weightman pictured on a beach
April 2019, two months of supplements

One thing I chatted about on Ireland AM recently was how anxiety led to physical side effects for me. In the height of it, my metabolism so was fast, food just went through me. And as a result, my body had no time to take in all the nutrients it needed. And this is what led to my hair thinning over the course of a few years. I used to have masses of hair, it was thick and healthy and would stand colouring, styling and heat. But what started as broken ends and dry hair strands, led to molting, breakage and dullness.

But the journey I have been on this year has changed that. By taking two Viviscal supplements per day, using the Gorgeous Growth shampoo and conditioner each time I wash my hair, I have new hair on my head. There have been some noticeable changes these past few months. My hair is back to growing; up to 2cm per month I should add, and as a result I am having regular trims to make sure any broken hair and ends are removed to allow the healthier strands to make their way down. Secondly, my hairs’ elasticity is so much better. It doesn’t break as easily which is a big improvement for me. But it’s the texture that is most impressive. It’s soft and less dry – I should add I have been trying to keep heat to a minimum to protect it from damage caused from styling.

Lorna Weightman wearing a blue dress with flowers
August 2019, before a trim to remove dead ends

Everyone’s hair is different, and when it comes to keeping it healthy, you can be overwhelmed with advice. But from my own experience this year with Viviscal, I’ve made note of a couple of tips that have worked for me that I wanted to share:


Lorna Weightman pictured with short curly hair
December 2019. Two inches removed to keep new hair healthy

– When blow drying, set your hair dryer to the medium heat setting. It will still dry, don’t worry, but a lower heat is better in the long term

– I add one drop of the Viviscal Hair Elixir to my hair when damp, this helps keep frizz at bay. I also put a small drop throughout my hair once dry. This stuff is magic and not greasy!

– Use hairbrushes that allow heat to pass through them. I love Wet n Dry who make amazing vent brushes for styling

– If I am using a hair tool, like a curling tongs, I only curl from two thirds down. I’ve found this is keeping extreme heat away from my hair follicles where my new hair is starting to grow.

– I’m avoiding hair spray and using texturizing sprays instead to avoid breakage when brushing it out at the end of the day.  

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