styleisle Q&A with Pauric Sweeney

Pauric Sweeney

LCW: How did your career in fashion begin and who were your design inspirations?

PS:I studied Architecture at Temple University in Philadelphia. Composition has always had a leading role within my creative process. However it was only upon moving to London, where I was already producing furniture, objects & jewellery, that I had the opportunity of concretely applying my design vision, first to furniture, objects & jewellery and then to ready-to-wear which lead on to the launch of the Pauric Sweeney brand in the World of luxury leather goods.

LCW:Having built a your own line, what have been the most memorable and the most challenging moments?

PS: Starting up the brand, still independently run & owned, was both the most challenging and most rewarding of moments. The hard work and passion invested are still harvesting rewards to this date with the recent opening of our Flagship in Mayfair and the opportunity, through the equity gained, to work alongside and collaborate with Luxury Industry giants.

LCW: Have you a muse?

PS: Ludovica Ferrari-Cesena whom I work very closely with on the collections lends significant inspiration to my process.

LCW: The search for fabrics must be fascinating, where do you go to find them? Do you travel?

PS:I travel consistently, combining both pleasure and work – it is an absolute vital necessity, my lifestyle. Our creative process is heavily influenced by what is en plein air,by the contemporary dialogue between the Arts, with an eye always focused on current affairs and market fluctuations and demands. The materials are mainly sourced in Italy where all product is devised and produced and many, perhaps inspired by patterns from exotic locations such as the South Pacific, are then commissioned to Italian artisans who reinterpret these and apply them to the finest of raw hides which are then tanned and hand-crafted to the highest of quality standards.

LCW:Being in a recession, has this changed how you design your collections and how you sell them?

PS:The Brand, being positioned in a niche of the Luxury Market, has somehow preserved itself from the global crisis by continuing to appeal to its discerning clientele. We however decided to explore a wider bracket of the Market by launching the diffusion line Pauric by Pauric which debuted to great acclaim in Selfridges in June 2011: this collection is distinguished by its “affordable luxury” status while sharing the same high-profile Made in Italy DNA as the Pauric Sweeney first-line at a truly competitive bridge price-point

LCW:What is your take in Irish style?

PS: I think the potential of Irish Craft is beyond promising and am currently working on a project that would tie in traditional know-how, matured through the centuries, to contemporary aesthetic without forsaking the value of hand-crafted objects, jewellery and knitwear.

LCW:Having opened a store in Mayfair, do you see yourself doing the same here sometime?

PS:In having recently chosen to spend a good part of my time in Dublin I wouldn’t exclude the possibility of this happening, especially considering the amazing support demonstrated towards the Brand on behalf of the Irish Community.

LCW:Tell us about working with Carmen and your involvement with the project.

PS:  This very successful collaboration was able to unify two realities, Pauric Sweeney & Carmen, so far apart geographically, yet so close through an elevated synergy in terms of values, from tradition to heritage, to process, to dedication & to the strive to achieve the highest of product and quality standards. The special item created for this collaboration was inspired by both traditional & contemporary Chilean Art, with a clear reference in the hues and block colours adopted to the Chilean landscape, the foundation of Carmen.

Pauric Sweeney and Carmen Wines