YSL Beauty’s much anticipated fragrance has been a long time in the making. Master perfumers, Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim turned a masculine scent structure into something undeniably feminine. Orange Blossom, Lavender create balance, but a spiciness comes from vanilla and amber. This has a lot of structure, kind of like a fine wine. I’m a fan.

WHY YOU WILL LIKE: There is floral and spicy notes but none overwhelm the other. If you like a classic scent, this is a good choice.

PRICE: €65 (30ml), €90 (50ml) and €115 (90ml).

Each season Jo Malone London gives us a new scent and this year, Poppy & Barley is a little gift to us. This is certainly floral; you can imagine the meadows where the roses and violets lived before they morphed into fragrance. This combination is unexpected but results in a light, day time perfume that you will love.

WHY YOU WILL LIKE: Fragrances should always transport you to a memory or place. This takes you to the countryside in one spritz.

PRICE: €54 (30ml), €109 (100ml), also available in body and hand wash, €35. Jo Malone has a concession at Brown Thomas Dublin.

Well this is just genius. Out of this black rectangle comes a cord on a loop that is washed with Diptyque’s noteworthy scent which you can cut to size. The cord sits on your wrist like a bangle and continues to maintain its scent all day long. Although it maybe thought to be a gimmick, I absolutely love this idea and it will make for an interesting gift for Christmas. Also smells divine.

WHAT YOU WILL LIKE: The scent on the cord lasts all day and tends to rub off your cuffs meaning the perfume really does aerate.

PRICE: €72 available from Brown Thomas

Closer to home is Stories by Eliza Grace from Northern Ireland. With two fragrances within the brand, it’s No. 2 that has captured my senses. This EDP (eau de parfum) also comes in 15ml which is ideal for travel. This is a very structured scent, with notes of Bergamot, ginger, cardamom and green tea, that marry together beautifully. An initial spicy nose hits first until the sultry notes of the bergamot emerge.

WHY YOU WILL LIKE IT: It’s interesting. Not too complex but with such variety of notes it risks being overwhelming but that doesn’t happen. It settles well and lasts too. Plus, it’s run as an independent small brand which I applaud.

PRICE: £50 (15ml) EDP, £80 (30ml), £120 (100ml) Also available in hand and body wash. Can be purchased online and at Harvey Nichols.

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