Facial peels and aftermath

Facial peels

I have never had facial peels before. In fact they terrified me. You know that famous scene in Sex And The City where Samantha has one and then has to wear a veil for week? Well that was my nightmare. Firstly, I don’t like the phrase “chemical peel”; I don’t think it’s representative of the process at all. Yeah ok the beta-hydroxy acid used in the particular one I had is a chemical compound, but I reckon facial peel describe the treatment better. As you might have read I am working with Renew Clinics at the moment on a range of treatments, and the facial peel is the next in line for discussion.

So what happens when you go for a facial peel? Well you have a consultation with one of the highly qualified nurses who takes a good peer at your skin. Up close and personal for the benefit of your face. Then, they will recommend what peel will suit your skin. Since going to Renew, I’ve changed my whole skin routine. I’m now using Image Skincare (Clear Cell facial wash, Daily SPF moisturiser and Ageless Retinol serum) which has changed the surface of my skin, and below that again. So having seen a good change in my face, and the quality of my skin having treated it with retinol, it was time for the peeling to begin.

I had an Acne Lift Peel using Image Skincare again (administered by the nurse I must add) which takes about 15 minutes. First your skin is cleaned and de-greased. It’s a bit urgh what comes off your skin with a bit of gauze. Then it’s peel layer one. The acid is applied to your skin, and yes it burns but it’s not half as bad as I thought. No Samantha here at all. The acid turns white a process called “frosting”. Next the nurse places a fan in front of your face to calm it down to normal temperature again which for me, took about three minutes. Then the same happens two more times. The following two applications were pain and burn free.

The aftercare is where things need to follow a specific routine. My skin didn’t actually peel for three days, at which point, my face turned into small patches of peeling skin. Nothing too gross. The key here is not to pick it off, I know, urgh again. But when you are in the shower you can gently massage your skin with water to remove the excess peeling skin. Next you HAVE TO follow the aftercare cleansing process which is provided in a kit. The cleaner and serum need to be used day and night, as well as an SPF moisturiser for the day. After a few days there is also a mask, which I used twice. Then on day five when my skin returned to normal, it was back to the usual skin routine. The results of facial peels are excellent, my skin has a whole new look. It’s hydrated and my make up goes on so easily.

So you don’t have to be afraid of facial peels. There’s no burning red Samantha face involved at all. If you are interested in a consultation, you can call Renew at (01) 661 9261 for more info or check out the wesbite at www.renewclinic.ieĀ