My version of Athleisure

Athleisure is a fashio buzzword at this stage. It implies comfort coupled with trend, but for me, I like to do my own version. I’ve had a busy start to the year, but I won’t complain about that. I’ve got a new agent, a new app, podcasts in development and whole load of other things up my sleeve for 2017. But what on Earth has that got to do with athleisure? Well, I’ve decided my take on style this year will be more relaxed. Comfort for what I’m doing each day is the priority, so no teetering around in heels when it’s not necessary. My feet are thrilled at this. Runners are my staple, and these Limited Edition pair from Penneys are just fabulous aren’t they? They are a comfortable as my New Balance that were a lot more expensive, and the pairing of metallic with the dark colours plays on the athleisure look perfectly. 

You might have noticed I’m blogging a lot more, focusing on style posts, instagram and my social media. Well that’s the trend I am setting for the year. I started out online and it’s grown with me. I want my style to emulate the person I am now, and to adapt to the demands of my life. I’m thinking about my clothes more. Not buying everything in sight, but thinking about each piece an how I’d style it. This goes for this outfit. I adore this ruffle denim jacket (€30 in Penneys) and it will be a great piece for the summer too. I want to mix up textures to experiment, hence the lace top under the denim. The stripe trouser are a perfect example of the style of trousers we can expect from Spring Summer 2017. Light, but well fitting. And affordable. I love that phrase. All pieces are available in Penneys right now.