The London Fashion Diary

the london fashion diary

I should paint a picture of just how my morning started and it was not exactly stressless for the first entry in the London Fashion Diary. For some insane reason, I booked myself on the 640am flight from Dublin to London. Now it’s all well and good if you have to make a 9am meeting in central or the like but I certainly didn’t. But anyway, I got up at 445am, car came to pick me up at 5am so I literally jumped into a pair of skinny jeans, Nike Air Max and a top of some kind and hauled ass to the airport. 24kg of luggage in tow. The only good thing about that time of the morning is the lack of traffic and the fact that there is a Butlers in Terminal 2. Following the quickest flight ever (45 mins, well done lovely pilot) we landed at 735am. What on earth do you do at that time of the morning if you have no plans? Sit in Café Nero and enjoy an hour to sit down and wake up, that’s what.

Good morning London!

Good morning London!

I took my time, and that never happens and sauntered into London and managed to get an early check into my hotel and drop the 24kg and take a shower. A quick change and a bit of make up and it was off to check out the H&M Studio collection with the lovely ladies from the brand. I got to pick out one very fab outfit, which I won’t spoil but let’s say it’s all about the seventies.

Following a little work for and some lunch and another coffee (a pattern that followed) I went to meet IPR, a London based agency that I have the pleasure of working with quite a bit on blog projects. This afternoon was all about The Sting, a great store that stocks a huge selection of brands based based in Piccadilly. I selected some amazing pieces which I plan to shoot while I’m here. They have 20 brands under the The Sting umbrella, one of which is Costes that has it’s own stores. I went for a bouclé cream bomber jacket, grey skinny jeans, a navy shirt and a white chiffon button down top. Trés casual and trés chic!

me at The Sting, thanks to IPR for the Insta post!

me at The Sting, thanks to IPR for the Insta post!

Next up it was off to meet a fabulous new designer called Judy Wu. Judy is showing her first collection this Saturday at the Fashion Scout show space and it’s such an exciting time for her. I was given a sneak peek at the collection, and I can safely say, it’s amazing. Her inspiration is coming from her childhood and cultural ties to China; she brings in family memories and mixes them with the more contemporary references of her home town of Shanghai. Leather appliqué on form fitting midi dresses, wool coats and plenty of oriental prints fill this promising collection. Judy has very kindly invited me to sit on her front row and I will be wearing two of her fabulous pieces to the show on Saturday. Don’t worry I will have pics!

And that was it for work. As I was in the Hackney area, I popped over to Climpson and Son which is a London coffee institution for a latte and a treat of a salt and chocolate brownie. Yum. (Give them a follow on Instagram)

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And that was day one. So even though it was a long one, it was fashion filled, just the way I like it. And now for the fun part. Let London Fashion Week begin.