I really thought I was the one who coined the term “elevated knitwear” but having read a piece in Marie Claire from April on Autumn Winter 2020 colour trends, I am mistaken. The bizarre weather has us in a bit of a tizzy considering we can just banish summer into a box and kick it in the sea. It’s time to just start over with our wardrobes but right now, I am sitting outside in the garden and it’s 19 degrees. I’m struggling to think about knitwear but I am intrinsically drawn to all things cosy. I love cold weather for its fashion merits only. I love black opaque tights with leather mini skirts and big, chunky polo necks.

Nanushka Brown Cardigan
Nanushka Eder Cardigan €383.64, Brown Thomas
Chloe Neck Tie sweater in beige
Chloe Knit, €1073, Brown Thomas

I love midi dresses, layered on top of over-the-knee boots and buried under a long cardigan. It’s chic a.f., excuse the language. Up in my attic are two huge IKEA bags of jumpers and polo necks. I filtered them down back in March when work dried up and boredom kicked in, the only means to occupation was to clear out last season’s clothes. Now, I think to what is up there and I’m pretty sure I’ll hate them all. Well, not all. I know there are a few Topshop, Zara and M&S jumpers that I really like. So what can I do to spark some enthusiasm for the humble sweater? Detail, that’s what. Ties at the wrist, off the shoulder cuts and puffy shoulders. They might come in plain colours, but the detail is what elevates them. The other thing to note is the comeback of the cardigan, and moreover, the twinset!

Model wearing Alexa Chung patterned jumper with black leather mini skirt
€250, Alexa Chung

€360, le 17 Septembre at Net-A-porter

Zara have some great options if you want to try the look for less. I am also obsessed with long cardigans at the moment and Topshop’s Printed Long Line Cardi is on my shopping list. I think embellishment has had its time and is now a bit dated, but sequins I am ok with. In fact, an all over sequin jumper is a great dressy piece to have. But if, like me, you love that tights-skirt-jumper combo, then I have some elevated knitwear suggestions to make.


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