If you managed to catch my very fast Instagram video on Saturday, you will have seen my attempts at a make up tutorial for an easy evening makeup look. It was just a teaser to this blog post where I am going to walk you through each step as well as the products I used to get this evening look.


Using Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter apply this with your fingers to the areas where light naturally hits. I apply this on my forehead, bridge of my nose, tops of my cheekbones and a tiny bit on my chin.


A very reliable and easy to apply foundation is Rimmel’s Perfect Match (I wear 100, Ivory). It’s under €12 and goes on well with fingers and a brush equally. It’s a great one for building medium to full coverage as well. I applied this to my whole face using Charlotte Tilbury’s foundation brush, which is super soft.

Under Eye

Another new invention from Charlotte is Magic Away concealer (I use 2 and 3). This goes under your eyes mainly, but is amazing for covering any imperfections. I dotted it around my face to cover some unwelcome spots. Make sure you blend in well so that it’s a good match with the foundation.

Powder and Set

I wanted this look to last all night, so I used MAC’s Mineralise powder in Medium to set the look. Please note! I haven’t used any contour or blush yet! I do that afterwards before another light layer of powder.


I have my brows tinted so I don’t need to do much here. I picked up Kiko’s Brow Pencil last time I was in Spain. It’s a chubby pencil which is great at filling in brows on the go.


The best bit! Take a blending brush and pointed small brush for this one. I used the new Pillow Talk palette, which you may have heard of. I love it as it’s good for bringing out the colour of my eyes, but it is universally a lovely set of shades. Taking the prime colour I applied this to my whole lid with some good blending. Next I take the enhancing shade which is a soft pink and blending right in at the crease taking the colour outwards away from my eye for a soft smokey effect. Then using the dark defining colour, I applied this to the lash line with a smaller brush and under the eye too. Blend, blend and more blending! There is a shimmer in this too, so I used my finger to smudge this across my lid. This is a nice sparkly addition for an evening makeup look. 

Finish off with Mascara! The one I am using right now is from Smashbox.


I love lip liner, and the Pillow Talk liner is pretty special. Start from the outside and work your way inwards. Colour in at the sides so the centre of your lips stays lighter. I filled in my lips with Bobbi Brown’s xxx which is a similar shade. It’s more like a lacquer so it stays put. Add in a dot of gloss to the centre of your lips to make them look fuller.


And Tah Dah, you’re done!

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