This is the line from one of the best movies of all time The Breakfast Club, have you seen it? The song is also in Pitch Perfect which I watched over the weekend hence what put it in my mind. You may have noticed a few less blog posts here this past month, well it’s simply because I’ve been doing some tech work behind the scenes to make the blog run a little faster, and help you read everything easily. It’s also been a time for me to reflect on what’s working and what’s not in my blogging life. I do this once a year, kind of like a self -assessment to figure out the next moves. 

Thankfully, you loyal readers keep this all going and the numbers are still good almost ten years on. Yep, next year is the tenth anniversary of my blog. I can’t believe it. In that time, I’ve achieved a lot, but there are things that I wish I could have done better. I thought at stage I might have a higher instagram following (who doesn’t?) and maybe I would have set up another business but I keep reminding myself that these are challenges, and I’ve met each one head on so far. I can’t dwell on the shoulda woulda coulda way of thinking. I’m capable of more than that. 


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There are plenty of things that go on in life behind the scenes that I don’t share on Instagram. And how I decided to deal with those tougher times was to get fit and strong. Any stress or anxiety I work out through some gym time. It’s been a very powerful form of personal therapy and one I intend on continuing. Today’s work out was an arm and core session from @pamela_rf which was super! . . . . . #instafit #progress #gymlife #shredded #cardio #aesthetics #fitnessaddict #fitspiration #getfit #noexcuses #fitnessmodel #healthylife #fitnessmotivation #gymrat #dedication #physique #gains #lift #fitlife #fitnessjourney #beastmode #fitnesslife #thecreative #gymlife #fitfam #strongnotskinny

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I’ve seen the return of some of my past anxiety problems which have raised their heads at all the wrong times, and it’s the real reason why I got so into my fitness routine. Getting fit has been the best therapy, the bi-product of which has been a stronger body as well as mind. I’m now toying with a half-marathon so I’ve been setting myself small running challenges to see if I can up my cardio and running distance just a little at a time. I’m not setting a time limit on this as I want to do it properly and without causing any injuries. I already have a dodgy knee. And that’s enough. 

But back to my reason for writing this. I noticed that I really haven’t focused on the blog posts that are more like diary entries in  a while to tell you what I am up to and to share a little insight into the goings-on in the world of fashion. So once a week, you can expect a post like this. Basically, me having a chat. I do this already on Instagram stories, but it’s nice to have a record of it. I love reading back on my experiences sometimes, like a jog down memory lane. 

In each post, I’ll talk about some personal things as well as work things and I’ll share a little edit of some fashion and beauty things I am loving that week. You might have noticed that I have two new pages on the blog – SHOP MY WARDROBE and SHOP MY INSTAGRAM – these are shoppable pages where I’ll be posting most of the items I am wearing or finding that you may like for yourself. Last week I attended an amazing workshop with Reward Style (this is the company that helps we bloggers make some money from the clothes we recommend, hence why you see a #af next to a lot of posts. This  means if someone buys the  item through my link, I make a small commission). They gave us lots of tips on how to best structure a shop on a blog and I’m thrilled that it’s doing well. There are separate sections for each piece (i.e. AW Knitwear etc) so it’s easy for you to find the piece you might have seen me wear. Hopefully I can grow this over the next few months too. Or you can download the LikeToKnow It app where you can follow me as well. Here you can click through to links of the pieces I wear in my Instagram feed. Instagram can be a frustrating platform as it’s hard to grow and get people to like your content, so thank you to everyone who follows me over there. It really means a lot. 

And of course, I am still on Xposรฉ! You might have seen my new series that I am styling and presenting that has to do with building a capsule wardrobe for lots of occasions, as well as trends. It’s been amazing to work on, even on the days when I have to lug tens of bags around town in the rain, the end result is exactly what I wanted. I hope you like it! 

So next up this week is London Fashion Week (I leave on Thursday) so please expect lots of pics and news from over there!! 


Bye for now, 


Lorna x 


PS Just in case you don’t know the song, here it is from the movie…

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