denim trend

There is one denim trend that I have become completely obsessed with and that’s appliqué; but more specifically, pearl appliqué. In case you may not know what the term means, it’s a fancy way of saying, 3D elements on clothes in its simplest form. 

This new jacket from Penneys, which launches in store soon, is such a must have jacket as Autumn Winter approaches. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I wanted to change up how I shoot my outfits. Thanks to the lovely comments I receive on my outfit posts, my followers loved my take on casual dressing and the aesthetic that I think is quintessentially me. So not only do I want to continue that, but build on it. So I am on a content enhancement project at the moment, to make styleisle bigger and better. The outfit you will see below is, put very simply, me. I like dresses but am slightly afraid them, I like to train and work out but am paranoid about my legs that they aren’t skinny and I sometimes feel I am passed the point where I can wear things that are colourful and summery. But this outfit is bringing out the best in me which I think clothes have the power to do. It’s good to embrace something new, out of your comfort zone and push you to a place where your inhibitions are smashed out the door when it comes to fashion.

I had a whole dilemma on the 26th June when I turned 35; thinking that I am passed it in terms of how I style myself, as well as becoming scared that my days as a fashion blogger are numbered. It’s the whole age thing; it never affected me before, but as I become the “mom” figure of Irish blogging having started styleisle in 2009, it’s hard not to think about that. But what I have to do is not get bogged down in comparing myself to everyone else and the jobs they get, and focus on my niche, and my very loyal and amazing audience. So, hopefully, I can do that. But for now, I’ll continue to rock this unbelievable denim trend, as well as bright purple dresses and I’ll see how I get on. 

Denim trend
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