I turn 38 this year. Where did that time go? I still feel like I should be on my J1, spending my summers on a beach somewhere in the States drinking beer and eating shellfish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well that was how it was for me in 2003. Now I am grown up. I’m ageing, gracefully I hope and with that I spend a lot of time on my skincare routine. But honestly, I find I need some extra help when it comes to lines. I am a stressed out person (you can read my anxiety blog posts here) and having had an issue with acute anxiety for about twelve years now, I feel like all of these things show in my face. I never thought I would try out Botox ever, but having done it once, I loved the effects and so I kept it up. Why?

Firstly, it’s a very well regulated medical product. It has to be administered by a doctor, and the two who I have met are highly qualified in aesthetics. They go through your medical history, each time, ask about medication, general health, any areas of concern as well as a full examination of your face, where your botox will be injected. This gives me a lot of faith in the process.

Before and After Botox Image
Top, Lines Before Botox was administered. Bottom, immediately after

Secondly, I love how it makes my eyes and skin look fresh, removing what I can see as the visible signs of anxiety on my face. Never has it given me the ‘frozen’ look. Nor should it.

I have it administered to my crows feet. I have so many they look like a family of crows to be honest. Now, one thing to be clear about is that it does not have an instant effect. It can take about two weeks to get to work and smoothen out the lines. But I’ve always been able to see this progress. The deeper lines take longer for me, but the smaller, superficial ones can go within a matter of days. I should add that I’ve never had my forehead or frown lines done. On discussion with the Doctor the last time in December, he explained, that although I have some lines on my forehead, they are a natural part of my face, as well as being expression lines. To remove them would just not look right. I appreciate this honesty, and it makes me feel, again, that the process is well controlled. I do have a more prominent frown line that I will, more than likely, have done the next time to see how it looks and feels.

In terms of the administration, it goes something like this (based on my most recent trip to Renew who provide my skincare and treatments for the purpose of a review). After the consultation and form filling, my face was examined and marked to identify the areas for Botox. It feels like a tiny pin prick that lasts less than a second; this is repeated across the area. I was done in five minutes total, with no pain at all. In my experience, I’ve never had any side effects, however, it is possible to get some bruising. The areas around my eyes usually feel more tender, and a little red, both of which have never lasted more than a few hours. I was advised to avoid touching the area, doing any extreme exercise for 24 hours and to not drink alcohol. I’ve stuck to these rules and within a day I can remove eye make up as normal but taking care around the corner of my eyes just in case. The doctor will go through all the possible effects with you prior to your treatment and you are required to sign a waiver, as well as confirming you understand the process and all possible outcomes.

Botox, for me, lasts about five months. Towards the point where I need to have it re done, the deeper lines start to appear first, very gradually. I keep them moisturised as I find dehydration makes them look more apparent. Another key factor here is water consumption. I try to drink a litre a day, and I do see that my skin looks more plump when I keep to this routine. But look, I’m ok with getting a little extra help.

If you would like more information, head over to Renew’s website!

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