Queen B always speaks the truth and if she says we can get bodied then let’s go. Now I mean this in the fashion sense of things ok? Bodysuits are back. I think I owned one in my late teens that was orange with black polka dots that I wore with flared black jeans. Oh how trendy I was. Well I am granting you permission to step back to those days and get yourself some bodies. The great thing is nearly every single on of my fave shops has a selection. You can spend anything you like on them, but I recommend, if you are new to the trend, try it out with an affordable option first before splashing out. 

Recently, I have bought about ten and I love them all. You might have seen on my Instagram Stories that I made my first purchase from Revolve with this floral body; yes all their Coachella marketing worked on me. It’s great quality and is so comfortable. The pants bit is lace as well so it’s a bit snazzy. When buying bodies you can opt for a full brief of thong style pants, it’s really down to the kind of underwear you wear every day. I like the full style pants myself. So that tells you what kind of pants I wear (the full Granny variety). 

One of the biggest pros of the bodysuit is that when you sit down, bend over, generally move, your top doesn’t come out of your skirt/trousers. Win win. In my job I am always on the go, and I’m moving constantly so they are a dream for me to wear on bust days. Most have buttons on the gusset so you don’t have to basically stripe down every time you need the look like you do for a jumpsuit. ASOS have lots and they also have styles that are tall, petite, curve and plus which I think is great. I have some from the tall and curve range to deal with my long body and large boobs. 

These are handy too for summer hols as you can get lots of printed blouse styles and basics to mix in with all your summer trousers and skirts.

So basically what I’m saying is that I love them, and if you have avoided them until now, I have created a shop-able edit below with some of the styles I really like including the bodies I’ve bought for myself. Click on the arrows to scroll though and just click on the image for link. 


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