Yumi lashes – tried and tested

yumi lashes dublin

I’m a sucker for false lashes and the bigger the better. But I have found lately that excessive use has begun to thin my lashes as well as subtly extract them! So when I was asked to have a go at the Yumi lashes range at Bespoke Beauty, well I couldn’t resist. In the lush and relazing surroundings of this beautiful salon, owner, and admired beautician/journalist, Elaine Butler-Doolin, explained this new lash phenomenon. In essence, the Yumi lash technology is designed to give you a full but natural lash with a tint that is better than any mascara I have ever tried.

It all comes down to a five step system. Firstly, a coenzyme patch is applied to the area beneath the eyes which I found very soothing and three days later the skin under my eyes looks refreshed and new. A silicone mould is then attached to the eye lid and the lashes are combed back onto this. This is known as the “lifting process”. It also allows for the tint to be applied evenly and to the whole lash and avoids any patches which can happen with traditional tinting methods. A fixing serum is applied to the lashes before the tint which can be in a range of colours; I went for the most popular blue-black, although Elaine says it’s really more of a navy.

The lashes last for 8 – 12 weeks and this is helped by a Yumi mascara which is a nourishing clear mascara which can be worn on its own or underneath mascara. For the last few days, I have been wearing it on its own and  honestly, I don’t see the need to apply a heavy layer of black goop that I usually do! Each customer is also given a brush to comb out the lashes each day (it only takes a second and you can add it into your daily skin regime). Yumi lashes are available at Bespoke Beauty, Donnybrook for €70 euros. If I add up how much I usually spend on lashes, Yumi is saving me a fortune! The salon has a special offer at present too – if you make an appointment between 10am and 4pm for the month of October, it’ll only cost €50 (reduced to €60 outside those times during October also).

If you have sensitive eyes or have never had an eyelash tint before, Elaine recommends you pop by for a patch test 48 hours in advance of your appointment.  

As a glasses wearer, and a sufferer of dry eyes (too much laptop time!), this is a great alternative to mascara and it looks so natural. So pop along to Bespoke Beauty and try it out for yourself!