Working out with Pilates Plus Dublin

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I have become allergic to the gym. I get bored, there’s no one to motivate you except for the overly buff looking guys who are lifting weights and look like they are in extreme agony while doing so. No it’s not for me. Over the last year I have battled to find a way of working out that motivates me and wants me to keep it up. So when I discovered Pilates Plus Dublin about a month ago, I didn’t realise how much it would change how I worked out, but most importantly, my attitude to doing so. The form of pilates is called SPX, so it’s performed on carriages for all over strengthening and toning. I’ve done pilates and yoga before but not like this. I have discovered muscles I never knew I had.

pilates plus dublin

Above, Grainy photo of the slimmer waist! Hurrah! 

It’s like pilates which I would have done on a mat, except this seems to include a lot more cardio. In just a month, I am stronger, leaner and certainly slimmer than I was when I started. I reckon on an estimate I’ve lost about 5-6 pounds and roughly an inch on my waist. Even to touch, my stomach feels more toned and along my sides are more trim. I am trying to do two classes per week to seek the full benefit of the work out.

I haven’t enjoyed working out so much in a very long time. The classes are upbeat, chatty and fun as well as being tough. I still have to take the odd break! I highly recommend it and you can get all the details from the website at