Lorna Weightman work out

I’ve written many work out guides; I’m no training expert, nor do I know what’s wrong or right when it comes to the gym and it’s equipment, but I do know what I like to do to keep fit. I’m sure this disclosure appears in many posts about fitness. Without being a PT, I never aim to guide people as to what to do as fitness is so personal. So what I’m sharing is my typical work out; it’s generally short and I love a bit of HIIT. Simply, because the pain is over faster!

Lorna Weightman work out

I’ve been so delighted to work with Skechers this year to promote their lifestyle and fashion ranges, but I also wear them to train. They have so many different styles of runners (trainers if you’re reading from the UK, and sneakers for my US readers!) and I have my go-to styles for different kinds of training.

Another thing you may not be aware of is the clothing range from the brand too. It’s a fairly new addition in Ireland (US followers may be familiar with it!) and I have been trying out the collection for my work out routines. Now this week, there is a difference as I am on holidays in Spain, so I get to train the sunshine! To escape the heat, I’m working nice and early in the mornings. It’s a great way to wake up, and something I aim to do more. So what kind of work outs am I doing, well in no particular order:

20 Minute HIIT

When I am not training with my PT Mark at The Vault PT, I do my own thing whether it’s in the gym or outdoors in the park. I use an app called “SWORK IT” – the basic app is free and there is a premium one too, but I am sticking to the basic training. I do the full body work out and you can set the timer to however long you like. I choose the HIIT setting that’s fast paced but you work up a great sweat. This includes Inch Worms, planks, push ups, various kinds of sit ups, squats etc etc. You get the picture.


I love to run. Well, jog is a more appropriate term. My max distance is 5km, at this point I’ve gotten a good bit of cardio and I enjoy it. Anymore, and my legs ache and I curse myself for trying to go further. I vary up my runs; 5km at the weekends, 3km during the week and some interval training if I feel I have energy. In Spain it’s way too hot for long runs, so I am sticking to shorter distances. I’m sure you’ve seen me post selfies on Insta-Stories of how red I get. The heat takes it to whole new levels of lobster.


I used to only do yoga as my sole form of exercise. That was when I was 24 and it took five sit ups to develop abs. Unfortunately, I need to work a bit harder now for the six pack. I love “Flow” yoga which does a bit everything and I feel like it creates a bit of “burn” too. I go to Yoga Hub on Camden Street in Dublin which is a lovely yoga spot with a great vegan café too.

For these work outs, I wear “Go-Train” or “Go-Walk” which give me good support without elevating me too much from the ground. For running, I need a whole new level of support – I am susceptible to shin splints so I have to do some time on the foam roller. Ow. Skechers have a great performance range of trainers for running, and I recommend popping into one of their stores to get the best advice on what you need.

Lorna Weightman work out

For clothing, I wear what they call “tights” in the pro circles and I go for fabic that wicks away any moisture. Spain has been the ultimate test on this and they are super. The training tops have built in support with removable cups. I wear these for any gym work, but running I need a full support sports bra. Otherwise everyone would be in for a shock.

A special thanks to everyone who has commented and liked my fitness content this year; I found it a tough journey to get to a point of fitness that encourages me to challenge my ability. It was more for my mind that I did it, but I got toned along the way! Also, a big thank you to Mark Sheehan at The Vault PT who has been my number one supporter, and worked with me on this adventure to get fit. Working with someone who has an encouraging way of training has been a massive help to me.

Skechers shoes are available online , and they have lots of stores across Ireland, UK and US.