What’s in my make up bag

whats in my make up bag

I’m constantly asked what I carry around in my weighed down make up bag (probably half the reason I have been at the physio) and so I thought I would share my recent additions/loves/make up obsessions of which there are many.

Lancôme Teinte Visionnaire

whats in my make up bag

You may have read my interview in The Irish Times where I pretty much declared my undying love for this amazing foundation. If you want to know how much, just click the link above and have a read!

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre

Since I have such temperamental skin, I like to use products that won’t clog it, one of which is Chanel loose power (I use translucent). After my foundation and concealer, I take some powder onto a large round brush and “dance” it over my forehead, nose and chin). I press it into areas which tend to drink up my foundation like my cheeks so my make up lasts for longer. This powder gives a lovely luminous finish and doesn’t take away from the highlighting effect of my foundation above.

whats in my make up bag

Lancome Le Sourcil Pro

Yes I know another Lancome product! This duo pencil is the best thing made for brows, if you like a pencil and not a wax based product. I use it to create the shape of my brows and then I fill it in with the brow kit from Wet N Wild. The best part of this pencil is the highlighter on the other end which you can apply right under the brow to accentuate the shape.

Wet N Wild Lip colour in Rosebud

whats in my make up bag

This is a lovely shade of pink and I love it as it’s full of moisturiser. Aside from this, it keeps its colour for several hours and it works well with a gloss if you want to create a look that is more shiny. Even better, it costs less than €5.

Urban Decay All Nighter Eyeliner

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Urban Decay Eye Liner Range

This liquid liner, in a pen, is just awesome. Once you put it on, it will not budge until you remove it with eye makeup remover. It doesn’t smudge, and it dries quickly. Perfect for an all-nighter. Pun intended.