What’s the best eyeliner?


A question I am asked a lot is what’s the best eyeliner? So I have taken it upon myself to do some research for you. Eyeliner, typically black or brown, need not necessarily be these dark colours. This season has seen some great brands introduce colour to add more dramatic effect to your eye make up. So if you are on the look out for a new eyeliner, here are my top five!

what's the best eyeliner

Lot’s of eyeliners!

At number one and in no particular order of ranking, (1. above), it’s YSL Dessin duRegard eye pencil, in colour number 10. This shade of purple is all you really need on your eyes with some mascara to make your eyes pop, and it’s consistency is soft which makes for very easy blending.

Number two, it’s the first appearance of Lancôme. Le Crayon Kohl has always been a popular eyeliner choice, but in this shade of Indigo Paris, I think it’s a bit of fun. This pencil is a little harder, so make sure you scribble with it a little on your hand before applying to your eye lid, just to soften it up on the first use.

Number three, is the same brand as above, but this time we are getting dark with Brun. As a blue eyed person, brown eyeliner is a lovely complement, and it can look less severe than traditional black. You can also apply this gently to the crease of your eyelid and blend in with a cotton bud to add intensity to a smokey eye.

At number four, it’s the Noir shade of the Lancôme Le Crayon Kohl, which is one of the best rich dark shades to apply to the waterline. I find it good for sensitive eyes as well. I generally find it hard to wear eyeliner on my waterline, but this one goes on really easily with no watering.

And finally, at number five, it’s Georgio Armani eye pencil in this luxurious shade of creamy gold (shade no.5). This is probably the softest pencil of the bunch, and beware of this, as you can go through the pencil very quickly. But even if you want to apply this to the whole lid with a soft flat brush, it doubles up as an eye shadow (just make sure you put on eye primer first to avoid creasing and stickiness).

So just in case you happened to ask yourself what’s the best eyeliner, the above might just point you in the right direction. And ps, isn’t that a lovely picture of the back of my hand? 🙂