Wellness & Radiance Ritual anyone? Eh, yes please.

Spa Salveo KnockrannyHouse

There are perks to my job, and then there are perks to my job, in that even though I am chained to a desk or the seat of a plane most of the week, when I am writing about something, I usually get to experience it. It’s been two weeks since I hopped on a packed train on a Friday evening to Westport, alongside more stag parties than I care to count, to Knockranny House Hotel. I had only been to Westport once when I was in school, and let’s just say that my grown up trip by far supersedes my teenage hostel experience. The hotel is perched in the most beautiful of places, facing Crough Patrick (which I didn’t and probably never will climb due to extreme fear of heights and falling rocks), that the view on Saturday morning over breakfast, despite the cloud cover, was just perfect to look at.

knockranny house hotel

Vitality Pool, Spa Salveo

Relaxation area at Spa Salveo (3)

Relaxation Room, Spa Salveo


The purpose of the trip though was work. Yes I said work (see what I said above about perks), to do a little spa review the new Wellness and Radiance Ritual offered by the hotel’s Spa Salveo, a tranquil oasis which I could actually live in if the owners would let me. I can hand on heart say that I have never been to a spa. Now, I have had one massage about six years ago, so this experience was alien to me, but my very lovely therapist Valerie, explained everything to me so clearly and professionally, I knew I was in very capable hands. I am a pretty stressed out kind of gal, so this two hour ritual was just what I needed to quell any anxiety I had that week awaiting on work news, as well as a dodgy left shoulder which has been giving me some trouble.

So robe on, in the sweet smelling therapy room, we started with the deluxe foot treatment which stimulates the circulation to revitalise and re-mineralise the feet. Including a relaxing foot soak using Kerstin Florian’s Mineral Wellness Salts followed by a Turkish exfoliation scrub, it is completed by a de-stressing foot massage. Poor Valerie, I have awful, Louboutin scarred feet from wearing too many high heels that she had to scrub, but after this treatment my feet felt unbelievable. I may even have heard them sigh. Two weeks on and the skin on my feet still feels amazing, and I am keeping up my own ritual of moisturising them every day. I don’t want to undo any of Valerie’s handy work.

Next up, the Radiance Body exfoliation, at once uplifting, invigorating and refreshing, based on a unique salt crystal derived from a thermal mineral source, which helps to deep cleanse and remineralise the skin with the invigorating benefits of eucalyptus. This scrub is worth every penny it costs, as my skin felt soft and hydrated afterwards. Even though I am a keen exfoliator, this treatment achieved nothing my home made attempts could ever aspire to.

Taking a nice warm shower in the treatment room to wash off the scrub, my skin was ready for the massage. Now, I am always a bit afraid of massages as I am a “twitcher”, yeah I kind twitch and fidget a lot, and I find it hard to stay still. But this massage was the Mother of all massages which rightly fixed my dodgy shoulder. Now it hurt, especially where my muscles were not at all pleased at this experience, but it felt wonderful. What’s more, my whole body de-stressed and every stream of anxiety just left me, not even a goodbye. At that point in time, stress and I broke up. Amicably.

With my body now in a state of a trance, it was time to work on my face. I really dislike the skin on my face as it changes all the time. And at almost 31, you’d think spots would have taken their leave by now. Nope, not a chance, they remain unwelcome on my face. Using, Kerstin Florian’s soothing products with botanical extracts, my face calmed, redness went and I actually looked like I could wear no make up. The results of the facial were the most dramatic for me. I’d actually go to Westport every month for one of these if I could to keep my skin looking like that.

The whole two hour experience was just amazing, and is complimented by the exceptional staff who do the hotel proud with exemplary service, and that also extends to all the staff who treated us like VIPs for the whole weekend. Our weekend culminated with the most wonderful dinner delivered by one of the country’s most famous chefs, Seamus Commons. Nothing beats good food and great company.

The Wellness and Radiance Ritual costs €105 per person and is worth every single penny. The hotel is ideal for a weekend getaway, or even a hen party where you can just relax with your girls.

For all the latest deals at the hotel, just log onto their website here.

With sincere thanks to the owners and staff at Knockranny House Hotel, and to Gillian and Caoimhe from Host PR for taking such care of us, and inviting us to come along.

And a special thanks to Valerie for fixing my shoulder. 🙂

[This post was written based on a weekend at Knockranny House Hotel which was sponsored by the hotel for the purpose of review]