My week in shoes

a week in shoes

This past week has been a busy one, from the mini marathon to photoshoots, so my week has been one I can document via the shoes I have been wearing. An odd vehicle for inspiration you might think, but albeit, appropriate. The myth goes that you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes, but I think for women, they can tell a story. So here is mine.

a week in shoes



The mini marathon

I’m very honoured to be a brand ambassador for Diabetes Ireland, and so alongside 45,999 other ladies, I took to the roads of inner city Dublin to run the annual 10k. With a pair of awesome Nike trainers (thanks to Lifestyle Sports for those) I managed to run nearly the whole thing. I am now suffering from shin splints but all in the name of raising awareness of a very worthy cause.


You might have seen me chat on Xposé ab0ut my new role as Irish blogger ambassador for Wet n Wild make up, and so this week I went along to do a special shoot which will be in magazines near you soon! My outfit above is from Penneys and the shoes were just amazing and over the top floral!


The lovely people at New Look sent me these amazing strappy sandals this week which I am in love with! White and grey is such a lovely combination and perfect for summer nights out.

A little childish

I picked up these white sandals at New Look this week to match with the array of printed trousers I have. Not to mention that I picked up an injury (see above) and so I needed something to tie me over until I can wear the strappies! They do remind me of my shoes in primary school but you know a little youth is ok!