Wearing a dress over jeans

Have you got a dress you love that you feel you can only wear when you have your tan done and the sun is out? I have several, including this one from Penneys that I just adore. But since summer comes and goes, I wanted to find ways to wear it when Ireland is buried under cloud cover. So that’s where denim comes in. It’s absolutely a-ok to a dress over jeans. I did this when I was a teenager and I am reinstating this styling trick where it’s right or not. 

The key thing is shape. Anything that can define your waist is good so the dress sits nicely with your denims. This jeans are exactly the same ones you’ve been seeing across my instagram and my previous posts this past month. And after several wears they have really softened up. But back to the dress. I like to wear shorter dresses over jeans to keep my body in proportion. But if you are a fan of longer styles then look for ones that are button down so you can open a few towards the end (you get a nice flash of denim then as you walk). 

Details are yours for the taking; as the jeans are simple and in a light wash you can add prints and patterns on top to jazz up the look. I’m sticking with the gold mules as before as they are low and they work with my look. 

But my point is, you don’t have to conform to wearing an outfit in the expected way. It’s ok to change it up and especially since it’s summer, it’s time to have fun! 
Wearing a dress over jeans Wearing a dress over jeans Wearing a dress over jeans Wearing a dress over jeans Wearing a dress over jeans