How to Wear Animal Print

I’ve never really known how to wear animal print in a practical way, until I wore this amazing top soon to hit the shop floors in Penneys & Primark. Ruffles are my thing, and thanks to this pretty feature I feel I can get away with this kind of print. But it’s how you wear it and what you wear it with that makes it work. I decided to keep it casual with this this; the top suggests dressy, but with some mom jeans I’ve given it a different slant. This outfit was my look of choice for day three at London Fashion Week and even though it rained all day, I felt good in this.

How to wear animal print

The jeans are my new favourite pair, and if you read yesterday’s blog (you can read it here) you’ll know that this kind of shape needs some kind of a heel to balance out your body. I have long legs, but I also have a long torso so I need the heel to make my lower half, at least, appear longer. Speaking of shape I love belts right now, and a thicker style works for me. I am in between sizes right now (I wish there was a size 11!) so with jeans fitting my hips but not my waist, a belt is a must.

How to wear animal print

The top outfit is all from Primark, but that evening I had an appearance on a FROW (thank you Paul Costello!) so I did a little outfit modification and slipped into some navy trousers and a leather jacket. I think one of the easiest ways to make animal print practical is to keep the rest of the outfit fairly plain. The print and navy works really well as it’s less harsh than black which I lean on too much. So I guess you can say I did the “day to night” look well.

I found fashion week a great way to find out how to wear animal print in ways that work for my style. I never felt it aligned to my look but my mind has been changed. If you like this top, it will be coming to Penneys & Primark over the season.