Vinyl might be more of a Winter texture, but it’s not exactly warm outside right now, so I’ve decided it’s ok to continue to talk about it. I bought my first vinyl jacket last year when Alexa Chung collaborated with M&S to produce a much anticipated jacket. It was eventually purchased online having sold out in stores and it’s been a firm favourite since. I love how vinyl catches the light; it’s like it has its own natural highlight and illuminates under the sun. 

As my vinyl jacket is black I like to keep the look casual and maybe a little “Alexa”. It’s good to mix in the textures; so wear silk,wool or something light underneath as I have in this look. Then add in the casual element. I love cropped flared jeans which I’ve probably over-worn at this stage but these are a much loved pair from Paige Denim. These can be styled with ankle boots or flats; I’d go for loafers that have just a bit of a heel to flatter your lower half. 

You don’t have to go for black either. One way to make the texture befitting for Spring is to look at colours, but that said, dark does work best. I love burgundy, pink and emerald greens that keep it looking luxe. Do avoid the matchy-matchy look when it comes to vinyl aka only wear one piece in your outfit. You know what I mean, right? Have a look at some of my picks from online right now which are below! 

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