Continuing my denim masterclass with the current range of denim in Penneys, it’s time to change it up and add in a new trend. There are so many ways to wear boyfriend jeans that you don’t have to always make them look like they are from the 90s. I love bell sleeves at the moment, and coupled with this top being a wrap which suits my body shape, it’s the perfect match. With the jeans being slightly baggy, I wanted to keep the top half of me nice and structured, and this wrap top cinches in my waist to create some nice shape. 

You’ll notice I am in the same shoes; I like to sometimes just change one element of an outfit to give it a different feel. You might think this isn’t rocket science, nor is it a complicated look, but I like to pop on an outfit when I am in a rush and know it works. My approach to summer trends this year was to make them adapt to my style. I want to be me and not try to dress like someone that doesn’t represent me. 

I’ve been having a lot of fun styling these looks with Penneys; there is nothing so satisfying than walking around the store, styling up outfits that you know are not going to cost a fortune. They certainly make being trendy feasible for everyone. I’ve been getting some comments about the prices of the outfits I am using in the blog, so I’ve popped in the credits below the images. I should also tell you that the next outfit to come is a bit different (I’m challenging convention!)

And if you would like to read my last denim post with Penney with some other ways to style boyfriend jeans you can read that here.  

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Jeans, €17

Top, €9

Bag, €8

Shoes, €12

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