Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Simple is always good in fashion and a crisp white shirt. It’s universally stylish with almost everything and we can take our style cues from chic fashionistas like Victoria Beckham who is the epitome of elegance when it comes to minimalism. Finding the right white shirt is no easy feat; oversize can swamp a petite frame, too tight can look ill-fitting and too long goes into dress territory. What to choose? When finding the right shirt, remember a couple of things. 

Decide how you plan to wear it; with skinny jeans, tucked into a skirt or with work trousers? Then, look at shape. Over jeans or anything fitted means you can play with the amount of fabric you add to your body. For tucking in, then look at something more form fitting that isn’t too long or bulky. I also have to make sure it closes over my boobs which can be very troublesome. I’ve a narrow waist and a larger chest which does not make for easy shirt styling. So I generally go up a size to avoid any buttons popping then add shape with belts or ties. 

White shirts are also great for layering so try under an oversize knit to bring the look up to date! And in usual Wardrobe Wednesday fashion, here are some options! 





Off the shoulder: