Vince Camuto at Arnotts Dublin

There are perks to my job, and then there are perks to my job one of which was hosting the Vince Camuto Autumn Winter 2013 event at Arnotts, Dublin last week. Talking through my edit of accessories and shoes was such a pleasure, made all the more interesting having spoken with John Camuto, who was in Dublin for the event. The accessories industry has seen massive growth over the last number of years, and its popularity is no stranger to Irish stores, but with a brand like Vince Camuto at our fingertips, we have no excuse not to have a high end, quality piece in our new season wardrobe. But what sets them apart from their luxury counterparts is a very competitive price point, for pieces which are 100% leather. But how does the brand do this? How does it distinguish itself from its competitors? Well, it’s all about the design. “It’s the R&D process”, says John in the comfortable surroundings of the personal shopping space at Arnotts. “The pitch of the pump and how the heel sits; this is a science in its own way”. This interview was a learning experience for me. I wholeheartedly admit that I take for granted the craftsmanship involved in making a pair of shoes, until now. Each shoe by Vince Camuto has memory foam built in for added comfort, this is a standard part of the design process John tells me. “When our research is done, we get the shoe back and correct it if we have to. This process is long!” John explains. “From factory to shop floor probably takes about four to sixth months”. So when you take a look at their latest collection, you can appreciate how labour intensive it actually is, a common misunderstanding when it comes to investing in key accessories that are not exactly high street. John tells me there is no tricking the customer with their products, 100% leather is a unique selling point for the brand, and has led to increase consumer loyalty. And loyalty they certainly have in the form of well known names like Heidi Klum, Taylor Swift and Olivia Wilde. Now in 80 locations across the globe, Vince Camuto knows to conquer its market, with Ireland being part of this empire.

Fast forward a couple of hours to the shop floor, with shoppers eager to get their hands on the latest collection that contains themes like “Tour of Duty”, “Factory girl” and “Kings road”, we know that this brand is not just fashion forward, but knows what we want from our accessories. The Vince Camuto vision is aligned with ours as consumers, we want the goods and they make them. The difference is that they make them superbly.