My Holiday Style Diary. Wearing Vila Clothing!

Vila Clothing

It’s been 17 months since my last holiday. In April 2013 I went on my honeymoon (which was also late) and since then I have been a very good person. I worked hard, was kind to my family, and I donated to charity. All round good law-abiding citizen with not even a penalty point. Unfortunately, fate did not allow me a break for a while. Until now. This good person is currently on “ca-ca” in southern Spain. Good things come to those who wait. Those who wait AGES. Having landed in sunny Malaga last Saturday evening, I have spent the last three days sunning myself on a hot sandy beach, sauntering down the promenade to Benalmadena and dressing in actual summer clothes for dinner. I have changed my footwear from clementine Hunter boots to limited edition Penneys gladiator sandals. Ah yes, summer, this is where you have been. As I write this, I am currently on a train from Malaga to Jerez, where I will be spending the next four days trying to get to grips with the taste of sherry in the home of sherry. I like wine, I don’t like Sherry. But my “travel companion” loves it and hence I will be visiting several Bodegas in the home of sherry. Sherry is not just for Grannies on Sunday afternoons. It is a sophisticated, adult drink. So I’m told. To try and change my fussy palate, I had some sweet Malaga wine yesterday which was nice, but similar to drink melted golden syrup. My fillings loved it so they did. So will my dentist when I pay a big fat bill for my next few fillings post-sherry week.

Vila Clothing


Vila Clothing



Anyway, back to the fashion for a second. I have taken to wearing coral colours on the very few sunny days we have had in 2014. Thanks to a great blog project I am doing with Vila clothing over the next year, this beautiful hi-low top is one of my new favourites. With button detail on the back, it works great with trousers when you want just a bit more coverage. The empire line is flattering for my figure and styled with some 1970s style printed trousers, I was happy in my bright outfit. Jewellery wise, I love accessorising on holidays and I brought nearly every pieces I have from Thomas Sabo, Swarovski, Alex and Ani, Pandora and I also bought some rings from a shop I love here called Bijou Brijiette which stocks inexpensive costume jewellery.

Lorna weightman


Lorna Weightman

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back tomorrow with my Jerez Sherry drinking diary!