Velvet Johnson – one to watch

Velvet Johnson AW 2011On the trail for new labels and designers (aka the whole premise behind styleisle), I received an email during the week from a London based label called Velvet Johnson, and I gotta say, OMG.

Velvet Johnson AW 2011

Over the past few seasons, designer Cheryl Stephenson has established a clear and unique handwriting for the London based label. She frequently references lingerie styling and seaming, uses innovative pattern cutting for voluminous silhouettes, and subtly grounds softer elements with a hard edge. “The unique blending of two opposites is always at the heart of my design”, explains Stephenson, “whether that means juxtaposing soft with hard, the future with the past, or natural fabrics with manmade fibres.” Velvet Johnstone is undoubtedly ‘one to watch’.

This is edgy funky fashion at it’s best and really represents the vision the label has for its pieces. The juxtaposition works and it is this marriage a good collection make. x